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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My new detachable sissy bar arrived as well as the bags I ordered. Stu got it all put together and it looks great. I won't use the sissy bar unless we are traveling, but it will work out very well!

In addition we stopped at Gator Harley where we get a 15% firefighter discount and picked up the engine guard and halogen fog lights that we had talked about. I have had the engine guard mounted halogen fog lights on my last three Harleys. They not only help you see better at night, they make you a LOT more visible during the day.

Sportsters aren't big dresser bikes and can use all the lighting help they can get. Both the Nightster and the SuperLow use the new, smaller, curved engine guard which limits where the lights can be mounted. Normally they mount horizontally under the top of the guard. On the curved engine guard there is one vertical spot that works for them.

This shot of my Nightster shows the positioning:

Here are a couple of shots of my SuperLow with the new accessories:

Next on the list is looking at a Mustang seat...we'll do that at Bike Week in Daytona!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. will have to keep track of your progress. I live about 5 miles off of Route 66 :) Maybe there will be a coffee stop around here!!!

  2. I would love to know more about these halogen lights you put on the engine guard. What brand are they and how did you run the wiring? I looked on harley's site but didn't see these lights. Thanks

  3. Larry, here is the link to the product which is a Harley product. I've had them on four bikes now and love them. The wires can run through the engine guard or just be tie-wrapped on the outside.


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