Mommy said I'm a bad habit...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Or did she say I have some bad habits???

I can't help it if the folks at doggie camp let me get excited and jump up....all the puppies did it (and I had several other puppies to play with) and now I want to jump up on mommy all the time.

I can't help it if all the dogs barked when they got excited and now I want to bark at everything that moves.

I can't help it....oh never mind....mommy says I CAN help it so guess I'd better find my home manners again. Sigh....

Tomorrow I get my shovel...don't know why I need one but guess mommy and daddy think I should have my own spade.

Waiting for the rain to go away so I can go motorcycle and bicycle riding!!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Hmmmm.......we are about 20 or so miles south of you, not raining, now anyway. My parents had to go to the Villiages yesterday, and went right by your campground, so they think. Anyway, if you do what the Mama wants, less barking and no jumping, I can assure you, you will gets a ton more treats and loving!!! I outta know! Have fun on the bike if you go! Love, Billy

  2. Sadie I'm with you, my mom and dad often just don't get us high energy types!

    I am hoping that your shovel/spade goes well and you are in playing mode before you leave town as I want to play at the dog park with you...full speed ahead! Wet Kisses, Diesel

  3. Mom got me one of those shovels one time - I was asleep the whole time, so I don't remember if I liked it or not. In a few days you will be back to running, sniffing, digging and jumping, just like always. Moms just don't understand how much FUN it is!

    Take care and keep on sniffin'...

    Mustang Sally in AL *woof*

  4. Skittlez and I got our shovels a long time ago. And we haven't had to use them since. So not sure why we needed them but Mom and Dad always know best. I don't jump up on people but I sure do know how to bark. Dad put this collar thing on me a couple of times and so I know when he pulls it out that I need to be quiet.


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  6. Sorry, Mom said I spelled, or smelled something wrong.

    My new Mom had no idea that my late Dad hadn't got my spade, so I had to have emergency surgery just 10 days ago. My unspayed parts got an infection, so I got very sick, very suddenly one morning, and I felt terrible. My new Mom rushed me to the hospital, and when I woke up I felt much better.

    Be very glad that your Mom and Dad are getting that shoveling done now, as most lady dogs get Pyometra by the time they are 5 years old, if they don't get it done.

    My Mom said my surgery cost 10 times more than it would have been to get my spade.
    I don't know what 'cost' is, but I think it is something bad.
    But it saved my life, and I am worth it!

    Happy Tails, sniff, sniff, Misty, TX


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