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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am getting SO BIG and SO STRONG. My favorite things to do are ride with mommy and daddy on the motorcycles, run with them beside their bicycles and visit the dog park.

My favorite toys are Pumba, my squeaky frog/hot dog/duckie, my Harley-Davidson squeaky tug toy, and my balls.

My most of all I LOVE LAYING IN THE SUN and watching people, animals and cars going by. is good!

PS> Mommy weighed me last night and I was 30.8# this time around. I got back to get my shovel checked tomorrow so we'll see what their scale says.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Sadie....I swear girl, you are one of the looonnngest puppies I know! But, you are looking good especially with that new pink bandana!

  2. Oh oh, you sure are getting to strong for woosie me! So slender and pretty though. I am drooling. I may be 13, but I still like to look at all the pretty girls, hehe. Licky kisses, Billy

  3. Are you sure you're not part doxie with that long body? But your legs sure aren't short enough to be like us.

    Scooter and Skittlez


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