Renninger's Mount Dora - Car & Cycle Swap Meet Show & Cruise-In

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today we headed out mid-morning for a 20-25 mile ride over to Mt. Dora for the monthly car and motorcycle swap meet and cruise-in at Renningers Market. The weather was perfect and the ride took us through a few back roads.

We arrived and parked under the huge live oaks, providing shade for our bikes as well as others. Sadie was raring to go...people and dogs, what fun!

The show was small but we saw some really nice cars and a couple of bikes. We browsed the vendors where we picked up some more old license plates, a sign for Stu's future garage and a few other little odds and ends.

Our favorite car was not even in the show...we walked past it on our way back to our bikes. LOL!

From there we headed south so we would take a different route home. We managed to hit a couple of twisties and rode along side a really pretty lake. Before we knew it, we were dumped back into heavier traffic and more heat. A stop at Mickey D's for coffee and ice cream made us all happy. LOL!

After arriving home we sat outside and enjoyed the cooling temps in the shade, read for a while and then took Sadie on a bicycle ride around the park before settling in for the night. Great day!!

Here are a few photos from the car show...those interested can see the rest in our SmugMug album.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. What fun, Donna! I love Mt Dora, in fact a young soil scientist who worked with me in California just bought a beautiful home there and is working on soil survey in Eustis. Definitely have to go back and visit this place again.

  2. A Studebaker - now that brings back memories. (Not that I am THAT old)

  3. Great pix of great work on these oldies. I too favour (Canadian spelling for favor) the Studebaker.

  4. I like your favorite best. The others are very pretty, but that first one is unique.


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