Why won't they let me play?

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm feeling so much better....I don't want to sleep all the time....I'm eating and drinking lots....why won't mommy and daddy let me play? Jeesh...parents....

Yesterday I was sleeping and 'nuggling a lot...today I really want to play!!!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Shatzie and Max sending woof's to take a chill pill for a bit more. It's tuff to be cooped up, and not able to run and jump.

  2. We're jes chilln today too. Harley remembers when he got his noodle. He got real sick and had to go to work with mommy and wear this stupid hat. Just be glad you don't gotta wear one of those!! You'll be able to play soon enough.

    your cousins,
    Amii and Harley

  3. Remember, Mom and Dad are doing what they think is best for you. We don't always agree with them but since they control the food, we try hard to listen. Pretty soon they'll let you be free again.


  4. Ahhh Sadie, don't look so sad!!!

  5. So glad you are feeling better, Sadie.
    They won't hold you back much longer.

    Happy Tails, Misty, TX

  6. Sadie you look sad in that photo, or a little under the influence of pain meds :-).

    Don't fret, when I got my human shovel, I played too soon, even though I felt better, and boy did I pay for it OUCH, so hang in there and though you don't like it, do what mommy and daddy say and it won't be long!

    Hang in there Sadie you can do it, I know it's tough.

  7. Sadie, this is your buddy Rigg's in MO. I went through the same thing about a month ago and my little sister Sadie just got off the no running thing yesterday,the time will go by fast and then you will be free again. take advantage of the sympathy factor now and do a lot of cuddling. See ya. Rigg's...


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