Great day in the neighborhood....

Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

For the third morning in a row we woke to temps in the low 30's. This wouldn't have been bad except that we had made plans to meet up with our friends Mike & Christ at 8 am to ride to the Webster Flea Market. It was 34 when they showed up....but fortunately it felt like....ummm, 35? LOL!

We decided to eat closer to home, giving us an hour for the temps to rise, the forecast was for low 70s and bright sun. Denny's was the spot, the three motorcycles quickly sped through the 5 mile trip and no one got too cold.

We all enjoyed the new healthy Blueberry Wheat Pancake Slam...sure hope they add it to the menu permanently. Very good and healthy, too! Lots of chatter and it was time to leave and head to Webster.

We had a good ride until 2.5 miles seems as though the entire population of a five county area all decided that today was a good day to head to the flea market. We crawled, literally, the next 2.5 miles until we got to the parking area.

But we finally got parked, stripped off our multiple layers of riding gear and headed on in. It was even larger than we remembered but the only time we were here before was in December. I suspect Jan/Feb are much larger months for vendors.

We agreed to meet back at 1 pm, exchanged phone numbers and headed out, looking for treasures! There is something for everyone here...antiques, collectibles, toys, clothes, guns, knives, tools, dishes and lots more.

This booth was making homemade ice cream.

Some folks had a great sense of humor.

Some made something out of almost nothing...

Another gentleman was making custom signs so we just HAD to have one made for Sadie to add to ours. (Forgot to take a photo of the sign....oops).

People and dogs everywhere....Sadie was really good. Little yappie dogs did set off her bark alarm but other than that she behaved very well. She got a lot of attention and lapped it all up. Three hours of walking....we knew she would be ready for a LONG nap this evening.

We found a few more inexpensive old auto license plates to add to our collection plus our first old motorcycle license plates. Stu looked at a few signs but too pricey. It was closing in on 1 PM. We found a prize....this old, 1943 fire extinguisher. Stu has been on the lookout for old extinguishers but they were either stupidly priced or not what he wanted. This one was in good condition and $35.

A nice ride back home and we capped the day off by going out to Friendly's for dinner. Sadie was sound asleep in her crate and barely noticed that she was left alone. When we got home she played for maybe a half hour and then she crashed....

All in all the day was as close to perfect as it could be....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. well, that looks like fun! that john deere making the ice cream looks suspiciously like the one that was at the Q last month! the price of ice cream for the hubster and I...

    sit down...


    I know...

    but while we were sitting there *enjoying* it, more people came and, with the same response that we'd had..."how much?", went ahead and paid it!

    ridiculous, just ridiculous!

  2. Fun, fun, fun -- we love flea markets just never know what treasure you will find -- sounds like you brought home a couple of nice finds. Can't wait to try the new pancakes at Denny's:)

  3. Well, now, that! looks like a perfectly fine, fun day.

  4. Oh, WOW! I love that BIG BOY statue. I miss Elby's!

  5. We spent our Valentine's Day riding our bikes to the flea markets here in Kissimmee. Found a few treasures...but mostly was nice to spend the day with each other.

  6. Glad your trip to the flea market in Webster was a success. We passed by it several times during our stay at Sumter Oaks but it wasn't open at those times.

  7. Ahhh sometimes ya just gotta Market those Fleas!

    Karen and Steve
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