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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I previously posted about inside games we played as a child. Several mentioned outside games. My favorites were "Simon Says" and "Red Light". I wasn't a huge fan of "Hide and Seek" or "Tag" but did play them, too. The stereotypical "Cowboys and Indians" was another favorite game.

We also played scrub baseball on our dead end street. It was perfect for riding bicycles and playing outdoor games. I grew up in an all boy neighborhood. I wasn't a tomboy but I did learn to love to climb the big old pine trees across the street...mainly so I could sit up there and read without being disturbed.

I loved my pogo stick and could jump on it for hours without falling off. Then came the hula hoop...weren't they great exercise! Hopscotch and jump rope...but for me, those were solo activities. The boys just weren't interested.

Enough about games....LOL! An update on Miss Sadie....we dropped her off at 8:15 this morning to get her spayed and micro-chipped. We picked her up around 5:15 this evening. She's doing fine, quite sleepy (as expected) and definitely slow moving. The toughest thing will be keeping her at a low activity level for a week. She goes back in ten days for her checkup.

After we dropped her off we headed to Denny's for a fairly healthy breakfast of whole wheat blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon/chicken sausage, 2 eggs and a side cup of fruit. We chatted over coffee for a while and then headed across the street to Lowe's.

Nothing we had to have there...until we remembered that Sadie had dismembered the screen door in the garage. We picked up some new screening as well as a metal grate to mount on top of it. That should help preserve the screen.

We slowly worked our way north to Ocala where we planned to see Sanctum at the was the closest theater with the movie in 2D. We had seen where CVS & Walgreen's were doing flu shots so we stopped to get that done. Not....seems as though our insurance will cover the cost of an office visit to the doctor to get the shot but not for the pharmacist to do it. Heck, sure, makes sense to me....why pay $30 when you can pay $100. Idiots!

The movie was good, not something I'd see twice, but we enjoyed it. We stopped for a bite to eat before picking up Sadie, then headed home. Nice, quiet, enjoyable day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I sure miss those old games...Now everything is electronic. I made it a point to teach my kids old fashioned games and will do the same with grandkids...Life was simple then. K

  2. Glad all is well with Sadie. Keep an eye on those stitches. Some of Cosmos didn't dissolve like they were supposed to and the vet had to remove them.

  3. You just described my perfect morning: Denny's and Lowes.

    My mom lives in Lake City, which is where we'll head first when we're sprung. We're wondering if we can get the Duck in her front gate, so we're looking into Osceola NF - have you ever checked it out?

  4. I love breakfast out (for that matter ANY meal). Yours sounds like a good one.

  5. I just love your posts!.... I didn't care very much for hide and seek either - because my evil (older) brother would tell me to go hide, then NEVER come "seeking" me! Took me a time or two to learn, but I figured it out!

    I was the only girl in my generation - a brother and all boy cousins on my "dad's side" - so I was a tomboy, too. I did have one other girl to play with and we often shunned the boys in the 'hood and did "girlie" things, like hula hooping and jumping rope. We had a field where we all played football and baseball, too. Oh to have that much energy now!!

    Glad that Sadie is doing well. Sally had trouble with her stitches, too - it is so difficult to keep a terrier quiet! :-)

    Stay safe...

    Kerri in AL :-)

  6. Ah those childhood games bring back memories...

    Glad little Sadie is on the mend and will be back to her old self in no time!

    Karen and Steve
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