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Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday and this morning were gloomy, dreary, damp days so I concentrated on updating websites, catching up with emails but still have more to do. I have several websites, RideMyOwn.com (for women motorcyclists), 2WheelsCamp.com (for motorcycle travelers/campers), ToadilyPets.com (for all pet lovers), MyPrimeYears.com (an old site that really needs updating, folks still read some of the old RVing articles) and several client sites.

Today I got out on the bicycle for about 15 minutes, it was only 52 and that was long enough. LOL! We're having fun keeping Sadie settled down...not easy. She's back eating and drinking and wanting to be outside regardless of the weather. We're moderating her play and not taking her for long walks (as directed by the vet). She's been crated more than she'd like but when in there, she does sleep. She's enjoying extra 'nuggling and treats though! LOL!

Our friends Mike and Chris from Nova Scotia are here at Bee's RV Park - we met them in Sturgis last summer. They will be flying out to Jamaica while here...think about the same time we'll be headed to Universal Studios with the grandgirls.

No other real plans for a bit...Stu has little maintenance things to do and I have to start going through the pile of paperwork to get our tax stuff sent off to our accountant. Got a couple of cooler days before it warms up again. On Monday we hope to ride to the flea market in Webster. We've been before but there is always something of interest there...LOL!

Still looking for pets to be the Featured Pet of the Week at ToadilyPets.com - submit yours following the instructions at the bottom of the page. I need 4-5 a month so there will always be a need...pass the link on to your friends!!

Okay, time to make a decision about dinner....getting hungry. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I sometimes go to the beginning of someone's blog and read all of the posts. It's kind of like a biography and I sometimes pick up some good tips about RVing.

  2. We are finally getting some warm weather, in the 60s today. The RV is finally warming up after freezing for the last week


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