They can take this spade and SHOVEL IT.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I got my shovel [spade] today and I want them to take it back! My eyes are all gunky, I've got tape around my leg and my belly hurts. Daddy is carrying me up and down the stairs. I think I have to go potty but when I get outside, I don't. I'm going back to bed and SLEEP!! Maybe in the morning my shovel will be gone....I sure hope so.

PS>Mommy says I'm fine and so is my shovel.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Poor Sadie, you'll feel better tomorrow but it will take a few days for you to be back to your old self. You can handle it, you're a very brave doggie!

  2. Hang in there Sadie girl, it's all for the best. Woof, woof, and big bow wow to you.

  3. We're so sorry you don't feel good, Sadie. But we know you're going to feel much better in a couple of days and you'll soon forget all the pain. You'll also have to forget about those boys hanging around and howling for you. But that's a good thing.

    Skittlez and Scooter

  4. Oh Sadie, you'll get over it, just rest and keep quiet. You will soon be peeing and sniffing at all the good places.
    Play on it, kid, they will wait on you hand and foot! It is just as if they think that it is their fault you are going through this.

    I had to take pain meds for three mornings after my surgery, and then go back the next day to have that needle thing taken out of my arm. You should have seen how my Mom doted on me!

    Don't forget to give them 'The Soulful Look' with your beautiful eyes, every now and then, it'll get them every time.
    I am feeling fine now, and so will you.
    Happy Tails, Misty, TX

  5. OH - you poor baby - you have been getting no sympathies for your indignation. I so sorry. However, they are all right - you will feel SO MUCH BETTER soon.....

  6. Sadie, is that anything like getting nut erred??? I still don't understand it, but this lump was removed from my private area! I really don't know what was wrong with it! Sheesh! I only jumped on stuffies and fuzzy slippers!!! Guess the folks didn't like that! Love and hugs, Billy

  7. Be sure to play it up Sadie! I got so much attention and snuggles and treats after my shovel, it was *almost* worth it! And remember, for a few days your Mom and Dad will be so happy you are feeling better, they won't even fuss too much when you do all those fun things - digging and jumping and rolling in stinky stuff. Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Keep on sniffin'...

    Mustang Sally in AL *woof*


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