The crafty gene....and other missing items

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Were you born with it? Do you knit, crochet, quilt, paint, carve, bead, make jewelry, hook rugs, work with stained glass, woodwork, get the idea. Some of us were born without it. My daughters have it. My stepdaughters have it. My cousins have it. My sisters-in-law have it. Most of my RV friends have it. Am I the only one without it?

Here is a prime example. My cousin started knitting and then moved on to crocheting. She now sells the most adorable things on Etsy. Yesterday she posted about finger puppets for story telling with little ones. Here are her puppets for Little Red Riding Hood.

Computers seem to be my "craft" and nowadays, it's way too difficult to keep up to date in that realm. So I dabble in writing...not seriously, just the blogs. I'd love to find something to do outside of things on the computer but don't have a clue. Now if I only had the crafty gene...sigh. Got any ideas for the uncrafty who wish to craft?

Okay, next topic....I have a good friend who is thinking about getting a small scooter for running around the campgrounds. We don't have a clue as to what is good or bad. We have no idea what to look for or what to watch out for. She's thinking maybe 150cc for under $1000 but has no idea if that is even realistic. So, any input you can share with her?

Sadie is still doing well...we'll all be glad for next Monday when she can run and play more normally. She's still updating her blog on an irregular basis.

Not much else new since yesterday...can you tell I'm procrastinating working our taxes? LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Nope, not even a teeny tiny crafty gene in me - I'm completely craft deficient! LOL

  2. Those finger puppets are adorable. I'm not crafty either and at this point in my life have no desire to do crafts. I used to enjoy them, but that seems to have passed. I find blogging, and computer things seem to keep me plenty entertained.

    I don't know anything about scooters, but we have two little electric bikes. You can peddle or give them "gas." We like them.

  3. LOL at that crafty gene........ I wasn't born with it but I did try to aquire it. It didn't work ... still not crafty!! there are other things that I excel at. So I let all the crafty people have at it!
    We just bought scooters for getting around the cg and possible in towns. We got them at the end of last season and looking forward to this season. DH traded in his MC for them. Another great season is finally in site!!!!

  4. I sure thank God for my crafty gene! It is wonderful for my mental health!! lol

  5. I wish I didn't have the crafty's expensive! I like all those things! sewing, quilting, knitting,rug hooking, punch needle, painting, crocheting, scrapbooking..done 'em all at one time or another..but have lots of nice things to leave my kids if they want them, lol! Now that we are on the road full time, yarn takes up much of our cupboard space. I left all the rest of my supplies in a storage shed back in Indiana.

  6. If you find out where to pick up that gene please let me know. I'm a wanna be, and I dabble, but what I produce looks, well, homemade by someone with multiple thumbs...

  7. No craft genes here, and gee thanks for reminding me about the taxes I have not even started yet!

  8. Hi Donna (Froggi)...I too have do not have the craft gene...maybe we could start a no-craft-gene Don't have a clue what that would be. I am a newbie to your blog:)

  9. Those finger puppets are so cute......

  10. Writing is a craft. Blogging is writing. You are therefore 'crafty.'

    If you really need a craft, you could try loom knitting, which is knitting for idiots. I am one of those idiots. I needed something to do with my hands during a period of protracted waiting, something not too messy. I adopted the craft from my grandkids. It satisfied the need, and now I have some pretty nice scarves and hats.

  11. I'm going to take it one step further....writing is an art and therefore you, my dear, are an ARTIST! How bout them apples!

  12. "Got any ideas for the uncrafty who wish to craft?"

    Photography springs immediately to mind. Then there is machine knitting. But I'm with Michael, writing is a craft (and one of mine). I have been honing my writing skills for 55 years and still have many miles to go. Always room for improvement there.

    Paper mache volcanoes for fifth graders is always an option, too.

    I am in complete agreement about the rate of change in computers. I used to manage an enterprise-wide Unix system. Now, it's all I can do to manage two Windoze laptops and a couple of smartphones...

  13. I used to do crafts but an elbow injury put an end to that. I still get the urge sometimes but settle for writing and game playing instead--after I buy new materials then decide it's not fun anymore. :(

    As to a scooter for campgrounds, here's a link a friend recently sent me that I am considering: It's a different type of scooter than what she has in mind but it's sure easily portable!

  14. Donna, I understand the crafty thing. I so much want to be crafty. I have dabbled at scrollsawing and it can be done with limited tools and small space.

    As far as scooters go, you might want to mention to your friend that 150cc's is a lot of scooter. For just campground use a 49 cc or less would work very well and in many states a license is not required for 49cc's or less. This would save costs but yet would still allow short trips on public roads.

  15. I crochet, knit, quilt, bead, and like to try all new crafts. Let me tell you, it is not cheap to do any of these. So, you are way ahead of the rest of us, or is that waaaaaay smarter than us..... :)

  16. 150 cc scooter is also a 55mph scooter. It requires a full motorcycle license just like your 883 does.

    For $1,000 dollars she will only get a scooter that is made in Red China, and will have a name that you don't recognize. The problem with them is repair parts. Which are seldom available when stuff breaks. Also the steel that they are made from is soft without much tempering. Think stripped out threads when replacing stuff.

    You are way better off to get a scoot made in Taiwan Nationalist China or Korea as the steel from there has some temper to it and parts are much more available. Brands that come to mind are Kymco, and Genuine. Also Yamaha from Japan.

    If she stays in the 49cc range she can ride on her drivers license, but will not go much faster than 30 to 35. Bikes in these sizes that are not from Red China are more in the $2,000 range.

    250 cc bikes are more in the 4K price range and will do 70.

    So your friend needs to assess her needs more than riding around the campground. For the campground an electric bike would be much better. And cheaper.


  17. No crafty gene here. Absolutely none at all. But I can always appreciate the work others have done so I figure that is my talent.

  18. I love crafts and do a lot of different ones. The problem is, I'm not very good at any of them...but that's okay as long as it's fun. Perhaps writing and photograhy are your crafts, as others have said. If you want to do something simple and small as you travel, get a little cross-stitch kit. They come with everything you need included. It keeps your hands busy.

  19. If you want to see a really crafty person, it is Karen of:
    and here is some of her work:

    No crafty gene here, but I can make all kinds of things, or fix things, with just scraps in my workshop, or on my sewing machine. Can't draw or paint, but can clip beautiful patterns on a Poodle. I can knit, but haven't done it for years.

    I had a 75cc Honda and it was easy to move, and just run around on, so was my little pink "Lady Yamaha". But my 150cc Vespa, and wide tire Suzuki were sods to load and unload off the back of the motor home by myself.

    She will just have to figure out everything she wants to do with it.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  20. Not only NO crafty gene, but I'm the only one with a "black" thumb for gardening in my family!!

  21. I have a crafty past, and hope be crafty in the future. I once did lots of needlework like crocheting, embroidery, and cross-stitching, but haven't done it in years. I have a hard time sitting without being productive - guilt kicks in. I rarely watch TV, but I do spend lots of time on the computer. So, I think I would like to learn to knit, and maybe make scarves and toboggans. I did vegetable gardening for several years and got into canning and preserving. That was fun, and lots of work but very fulfilling.

  22. No danger of finding a crafty gene here either..I am more an artsy fartsy type..I like writing,especially poetry..and sketching...and dressing up like an idiot...

  23. I think many of us need a creative outlet. Crafts are one expression of that but writing and photography and graphic design ( a very computer thing) are all outlets for that. I think you have found your creative outlet here on your blogs and we are all glad for it. :)


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