What day is it?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not sure where the days go sometimes....guess that's a happy problem for us retirees. LOL! We went to lunch with our good friends, Nick & Terry, on Thursday. We went to the Oak Wood Smokehouse & Grill where the food and service were both great. We easily killed two+ hours chatting...we might only see them once a year or so and sometimes less, but it's always like we just saw each other the day before. Terry took some great photos...check them all out here: It’s Time For An Escapees Fix

Stu ran to Ace Hardware to pick up some parts for the re-installation of our inverter and I headed back to the rig. The temps had dropped significantly and the clouds had taken over the skies.

So yesterday Stu tackled re-installing the inverter. In case we didn't mention it, they sent us a brand new unit including the instruction manual. Since the manual showed the old installation orientation was not a preferred one, he spent some time building a shelf to hold it in the same spot. When done, he took time to move the Solar Boost as well...something he wanted done anyway. Now it's out of the way of the totes in our slide-tray. He came in, flicked the switch and we were inverting....yeah!

For me yesterday was a day of rest...sat outside in the sun enjoying my coffee and reading. Then took Sadie for a long walk while our new neighbors set up. They have a young cat and she isn't as keen about making friends as Sadie.

For dinner we tried the All You Can Eat Fish Fry here at Bee's RV Resort, we'd had several folks tell us it was really good. Fortunately for both of our diets, they had baked as well as fried fish. Unfortunately the corn fritters (yum) and french fries weren't on our diets. LOL! The fish was very good....nicely seasoned and very moist.

Today started the same way, coffee and sitting outside, me with my book and Stu with the newspaper that is for whatever reason being delivered to our lot space. LOL! But we did take a good bicycle ride before relaxing...honest!

Then some neighbors came over and asked about the braces we have under our Carefree slide toppers. That turned into a discussion about KZ and Tiffin as they had originally had a KZ Escalade (not toy hauler) and now have a Phaeton. Great folks...we enjoyed chatting with them. They are moving out in the morning though...

Tonight we are going to try the hamburger/hot dog social followed by the ice cream social (maybe). So far we really like the park and love our parking spot. We don't even notice the traffic noise and have lots of room for Sadie and the bikes.

Tomorrow we're having breakfast with a good friends of mine that are down here to visit family. We last saw them after the Red Helmet ride last October. It's always great to see them and this was very unexpected.

Monday is chore day again...phone calls, bills, Post Office and Sadie's final shots at PetSmart. Thursday we plan to go to the Tampa RV Show and check out the vendors. We'll also be having lunch with a group of RVers from the RV-Dreams forum.

Oh, the lunch on the 31st is progressing well. So far I have 9 couples planning on attending (not counting us) and another 5 to hear from (I'll send out a second email today). By Tuesday I hope to have pinned down a meeting spot. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Time to take a bike ride...just not sure if it will be motorized or pedal-power. Maybe both!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Love the picture of your "movie star" with the sun glasses....He kills me!!!

  2. My imagination is working overtime because it looks like Sadie has a tattoo on her left leg up by her shoulder. Maybe it's her leash.

  3. Yup, that's her new Harley leash with BAD TO THE BONE imprinted on it. LOL!

  4. Would have been hard to resist corn fritters!
    Blessings, K

  5. For real? Another RVing forum that I have to read? Okay!



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