We're on the move again...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We took the motorcycles up to Clermont, FL to check out the other RV Park, Bee's RV Resort. Much nicer and a much more comfortable feeling for me. We had a nice 50 mile ride up there, rode through the park and then stopped in the office.

The park is broken into sections with park models and yearly residents in one area and more transient folks in another. The section we picked up was what we saw from the road...the rigs back up towards the road. Nice wide sites and less trees so we'll get better satellite reception without having to dig out and set up the portable dish.

We stopped at a Denny's for lunch and right up the street was the Clermont Harley dealer, Stormy Hill. Since they were open, we stopped in. Stu bought the gaskets he needs to change out the derby covers on both our bikes as well as a replacement bulb he needed. I found a perfect lightweight denim jacket that zips. It will replace my current denim jacket which doesn't fit very well (it's a mens small). It came with a hooded vest that can be zipped in or used alone. The price was right.....AND we got a 15% discount since Stu was a firefighter.

For anyone in the area:
Must show proper ID at time of purchase to receive a 15% discount on all
HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Licensed products sold in our store.
Discount does not apply to Josten Rings, or H.O.G.® items. Some restrictions apply.
*15% discount does not apply to motorcycle purchase, labor, rentals,Internet purchases, and cannot be used with any other discounts.

We then headed back south, hoping the ominous clouds weren't going to drop a deluge on us. Fortunately the drops came and went quickly and we made it home without getting too wet. Stu loaded the bikes and and we will have little to do in order to pull out by 11 tomorrow.

Oh, needless to say, Sadie was the hit of the trip...as always. Lots of smiles and laughter as folks passed us or sat beside us at traffic lights. Her doggles really grab peoples attention. LOL! Of course she loves it....she loves riding so much she "talks" to us as soon as we get her loaded until we get moving.

Hoping everyone has had a good start to the new year!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We like coming up to Bee's for the Fish Fry on Friday nights when we are at Thousand Trails. Hope to be able to meet up with you all while in this area. If you get a luncheon together, please let us know. We will for sure be there.

  2. I think we need more Sadie pictures!

    Be careful tomorrow.

  3. Glad you found a place that feels better to you. Safe travels tomorrow as you tear down, move and set up again.

  4. I agree on the pictures and have a safe move.

  5. Hope you will enjoy your new site. Sounds like you are having a great time. I am sure Saddie catches lots of attention, Whiskey does too and she isn't even in on a motorcycle or wearing doggles!

    Happy New Year

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. You are really making me want to research more Florida parks....Seems lately that Texas is almost as cold as IL in the winter months...! Sadie is a total diva, just sayin'...

  7. Hi! I've just seen your picture of Sadie on the DogJaunt blog - she's a doll! We're looking forward to hopping back in the Winnebago next week and heading for Florida - so thanks for the tips on the RV parks.

  8. If you enjoy fish be sure to check out the fish fry on Fridays there at Bees.


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