Sunday, Monday, Friday.....what day is it?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being retired, compounded by being a full-time RVer traveling as desired means you often forget the day of the week, what month it is and sometimes where you are....LOL! It felt like Saturday all day to me....not sure why since we dealt with Saturday traffic yesterday.

We woke up to cool temps but sunny skies with winds gusting to around 20-25mph. We wanted, no we NEEDED to take a ride on the motorcycles. It had been too long. Once the thermometer hit 58, we pulled on our warm clothes, layered up, put Sadie's fleece coat on here and took off for Ocala area.

Some of you have heard of Five Guys, some not. I was introduced back in Maryland and since then we have enjoyed them in Florida and Montana. It had been too long so we headed north to what we thought was the closest one.

My mouth was watering for their fries....fried in peanut oil with the skin on, takes me back to fries from the 60's. Their burgers are hand pressed patties. You decide on the toppings. YUM!!

The ride home was cooler, 52 when we got back and by the time we got unloaded and de-geared, it had dropped to 48. Went all the way down to 30 last night...brrrr!

Today we went to breakfast with Kim and Jerry, blogger friends. Stu unloaded the backseat of the Freightliner and we all rode down to Denny's in it. I was tickled to find a new menu item which I ordered. Wheat pancakes with blueberries and turkey sausage with two eggs and a side of fruit. Yummy!!!

We sat there and chatted for over an hour, then headed back to our rig where we chatted for several more. Finally the setting sun sent us all scurrying inside our rigs...great day!! (Sorry, no pics...we all forgot!)

Tomorrow we hope to do the Webster Flea Market....if the weather cooperates we'll head out on the bikes by 9 and kill several hours walking the grounds. Fortunately they are pet friendly. Will report back and will TRY to remember the camera. LOL!

Okay, now to some serious news, especially for those in Quartzsite. This was posted on Facebook by our good friend, Sharon Del Rosario.

You may have heard about an explosion/fire in Quartzsite last night. The owner's name is Paula, and she's part of the group called "WIN" (Wandering Individuals Network). They're on Plomosa Rd around mile marker 2.2, directly across from the Escapees SOLOs, where we're currently parked. Both groups have taken donations from members to help her. The Toyota Class C motorhome was an older one, but probably new to her. I don't yet know the cause of the explosion/fire, but it was a total loss. No one was injured.

Paula didn't have a pet, and she managed to save her computer. Not sure about a phone, but I know her cash and credit cards were destroyed along with everything else.

The only way I know to reach her is through the WIN group. I figure she's probably staying with one of them. You'll see them (checkered flag logo with the word WIN in the middle) across Plomosa Rd from the SOLOs (yellow smiley face with an Escapees wagon) around MM 2.2.

I hope that the huge groups of great RVers at Q will jump in here and see what they can do to help. No idea what her insurance situation is but regardless, she is now homeless and possession-less.  We can all be glad we are not in this situation....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. So glad she was not hurt. Possessions can always be replaced.

  2. How sad for Paula. Glad no one was hurt. Sounds like you had a fun day and a good breakfast. Food shared with friends always tastes better!

  3. I have a dumb do you get the little map that shows the states you have visited?

  4. Those fries look delish. I am always glad to meet people in real life that I have only known online. Glad you have a good time with Kim and Jerry.

  5. Donna, go to

    Create your map, save it to your computer (I think I used the small size). Then go into blogger design and add a gadget for new photo. Find it on your computer, title it and save it.

  6. OMG glad no one was hurt!

    I wanted to put my streets and trips map on my blog,but I forgot how!

  7. Thanks for posting the info on Paula's MH fire. I'll let you know if I find out anything more.

    We Love Five Guys but I always need to walk around the block a few times afterward!

  8. SO glad that neither she nor anyone in the area was hurt. That is so scary!

    The fries do look good, but I'm allergic to peanuts so I wouldn't be able to indulge. I always have to ask how food is cooked...

    I miss peanut butter SO much, especially the Fried PBJs my mom used to make us, with her homemade jams!! Talk about good... Mmmmmmm. Makes my mouth water to think about it and knowing I'll never have another makes me SO sad!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have helped more people than you'll ever know, I'm sure!

    Hope you have a great week. BTW, it's January... ;-)

    Kerri in AL :-)

  9. Kerri, Stu actually thought it was Feb already...thus my title. LOL!

    Five Guys has signs EVERYwhere about the peanuts because they serve peanuts in the shell to eat while waiting for your food. You couldn't even walk in the sad!!!

  10. I went to my first Five Guys near Tempe, AZ last year and loved it! Happily there is one close by in D'Iberville. We're going there next week and I can't wait!

  11. So sorry to hear about Paula's rig and possessions but so glad to know she is okay. Hoping many are able to help her out in some way and that she did/does have good insurance.

    Have never been to Five Guys, but have many friends who rave about it.

    When working for the carnival we had to look at our calendar so many times just to see what day it was and even where we were parked a couple of times.

  12. I can see we need to toughen you two up a little! Waiting till it was 58F would be a luxury! I am planning a 150 mile ride for later this week and I suspect it won’t get much over 40F. Sorry to hear about the explosion / fire. I know what you mean about the days of the week – I laughed at that.

  13. What a horrible thing to have happen to Paula! It's another reminder that we never know what the next minute will bring.
    Those burgers and fries looked awesome. I've never been to a Five Guys but now, will search for one...thanks!

  14. Have fun at the Webster flea Market! It is huge! I went once, and will sometime take a a Monday off to go again. Sure glad no one was hurt in the explosion.

  15. Sitting here in AZ with up to 68 today, I, too, think about family back in NJ and MD. I see it's in the teens there. Don't miss it, do you?????

  16. Wow....always hate to hear about something so terrifying...glad no one was hurt. You guys stay safe and enjoy the flea market. Those things are so overwhelming to me...just too much stuff!

  17. Never heard of the Five Guys, but will have to try them when we run across one. Sorry to hear about the lady losing her RV. Interesting that she saved her computer, but her money burned up. That would be a hard decission for me too. Stay warm.

  18. What a crazy experience to hear about. Made me double check that our fire extinguisher is charged!

    As for not knowing what day of the week it is, Glenn (from To Simplify) and I were hanging out recently and at one point spent way too long trying to figure out whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday. We like to hang out in a Jewish community for the Sabbath, so that's about the only reference point that we have each week.

    Enjoy the flea market!

  19. Donna.... Maybe Stu thought it was February because he is already thinking of ways to lavish his ladylove on Valentines!! I'm giving you a story, Stu... stick to it!

    You are right... I would just have to stand outside with my nose pressed against the Five Guys window while the rest of you indulged... story of my life! :-)

    Kerri in AL :-)


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