Been having too much fun....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hope everyone missed me....I've been having too much fun. We got new neighbors and they have a kitty cat. She doesn't like me but I like her....I try to sit outside all day so I can watch her. Someday maybe she'll be my friend. I'll ask mommy to take a picture of her.

We've taken lots of motorcycle rides, too. There is this one place that mommy and daddy seem to really like. It's something like a cracked bucket, no, a barrel. That's it! They watch me from the window while they sit inside and eat (I can smell the food when they come back out, they can't trick me).

This one time they came out with some friends who petted me lots and lots (gee, didn't we have this talk last time...but this is different people). We got lots of good pictures...mommy says REDHEADS RULE.

Yesterday we took a ride that turned out to not be as much fun. Before we could get home it started RAINING...yeah, that wet stuff that falls from the sky. It's called rain. I got wet but I heard mommy tell daddy that I need a raincoat. I don't know what it is but if it keeps me dry...that's good!

But before it rained we went to Petsmart. I always like it there. This time I got poked and prodded and then STUCK WITH A NEEDLE. If that wasn't bad enough, they sprayed something up my nose. I wanted to sneeze but managed to hold it in. I'm a big girl (over 24# now).

Then daddy took me in to get my toenails done. I don't mind the cutting so much but I'm not crazy about the grinding. It feels funny and I refused to let them do my front paws. So there!

I heard mommy talking to the lady at Petsmart about me coming back for a spade. I thought that was a shovel...I don't need one of those. I know sometimes I dig too much, but I like digging with my paws. (I think that's how I got dirty ears....they cleaned them when they poked and prodded. They told mommy and daddy to do it....ugh!)

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Sadie, no worries, my mommy has to clean my ears all the time, with the warm moistened cotton balls, and they feel so much better when she is finished..............but I'm with you on the toenail thing and the grinding UGH!

  2. We had our ears cleaned yesterday by Mom and Dad. Don't really like it but they said they had to do it. And that nail thing - FORGET IT! Mom and Dad don't even try anymore. They make somebody else do it. We had too much wind here yesterday and our ears just kept flopping around. Scooter really didn't like it. You sure are getting big.

    Skittlez and Scooter


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