Tampa RV Show

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks to Howard and Linda from RV-Dreams.com, we had free tickets to the big RV Show in Tampa at the fairgrounds. Last night was cold going down to 29 degrees so it was only in the 30's by the time we left. It was an hour and 45 minutes drive but the traffic was light and the day was sunny.

We arrived and parked ($10 charge), grabbed the guidebook and headed out for the restaurant where we planned to meet up with others from the RV-Dreams forum. Everyone was bundled up, the floating restaurant still hadn't fired up their propane heaters. Brrrr.... But the coffee was hot and and we all kept warm chatting. We ran into several old friends and met even more new ones.

From there we headed off to check out the vendor displays before looking at any rigs. Lots of campgrounds were represented...from FL, TN, VA, GA, WI and more. We even saw the folks from M RV Resort where we stayed in Moore Haven last month.

A few jewelry displays, every kind of basic RV accessory you can think of (cleaning, remodeling, redecorating, brakes, performance, suspension, etc), flags, sheets, dog accessories and more. One thing we discovered....we are really in pretty good shape and there really isn't much we need to do to Freddie or KaZy

We did pick up a couple of things at Camping World...a cup holder to attach to Stu's lounge chair and a small collapsible wastebasket for outdoors. We also picked up a lot of brochures and a coffee mug from the folks selling The Milepost (Alaska tour guide). Stu looked at the new Freightliners but at over $100k, we'll stick with our paid-for Freddie. LOL!

We also walked through a couple toy haulers by KZ but we like our current floor plan much better. (Good thing.....LOL!) Outside the west end vendor area we ran into a Scottish drum and bagpipe group. We just had to listen for a while...I did a VERY short video recording.

One very unusual display was for a gentleman who does custom paint work...take a peek at this motorcycle he painted. Can you say....WOW?

After 3 hours of walking, we were done. We really enjoyed ourselves...a nice facility for the event, lots of choices for eating, fun entertainment running around, and plenty of clean public restrooms (a definite priority at our age). LOL!

We headed back to the truck where Sadie had been alternately watching people and sleeping. After getting her some exercise, food and water, we headed back home.

A stop at the Village Inn in Dade City for coffee and pie...I couldn't resist the fresh strawberry pie but Stu was better taking on the sugar-free apple pie. We arrived home around 6pm and settled in for an evening of watching TV and being lazy....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS> Thanks to everyone for all the advice on the knee. I appreciate the input!

PPS> These last two photos are for our friends, Dave and Renee. Enjoy....LOL!


  1. Quite the RV show. Nice pix of 5th wheels... and, the Freightliner truck @ $100K is beautiful....but expensive. There is no end to toys for boys and girls though.


  2. That green Galileo trailer is certainly different looking. I imagine it feels good to go to an RV show and leave being happy with what you have.

  3. What? You didn't pick up a Freightliner or two while you were out there? Cheapskate :-)

  4. Loved the photo of the sleeping "big dawg" and "little dog"....I could use a good RV show about now!! Thanks for the tour!

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Love the picture of Stu and Sadie taking a nap.

  6. LOVE the photo of Stu & Sadie -- Dave assumes the same position quite often.

    Good thing I didn't stop there, though, or I would have missed the PPS. Burst out laughing at that! You two are only SLIGHTLY ornery!



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