Wandering woofies....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I think that should be our name...not that silly name "McNickle" that my parents keep telling everyone. I like the Wandering Woofies much better...it suits us ALL, not just THEM. Humph...

It was a nasty rainy day yesterday and I didn't much like going outside but sometimes I had to. When mommy finally got up (she always sleeps later than daddy), I was nuggling on the couch with the big wanderer. Mommy got set up on the computer and I moved my head.

There it went...that bright light in my eyes. I let her take two pictures, I was so good. I think it turned out pretty good!

Later we all loaded up in the big white truck. I love riding in the big white truck. I have the WHOLE rear seat to myself (well, until they bring in all those little white bags full of stuff). They left me for a while and came out laughing. I think they saw a movie...they smelled like popcorn!

Then they went into the stores called sammys club and wally world and came out with lots of those silly white bags. At least daddy only puts them on one side of me. It was starting to clear up but it was getting dark.

Then my surprise....PETCO!! We've been doing Petsmart for a while and PETCO smells different. I was so happy....I bounced and pulled and tugged and barked. There was a little boy who kept coming up and petting me. I wiggled and wiggled and licked his face.

Then, there she was....oh my, was I ever that small? The cutest little boxer pup. She wanted to play with me but mommy kept pulling me back cause I was being too rough. I guess I have to learn to play with the puppies without hurting them. This one was just 8 weeks old. We sat apart from each other and she whined and she cried and she barked...so I barked. Everyone was laughing at us.

But I got new stuff...daddy found me a bright yellow slicker for when it rains. Yippee!!! I like that! Mommy got me a HUGE stuffed bear (she said it was only $4 so she HAD to get it). I really liked him...carried him around the store for a while. I also got a flat fox that isn't flat...my old one is SO small, mommy thought I needed a bigger one. This one has a water bottle inside it...I LOVE playing with water bottles. 

Today we went for a bicycle ride after meeting the new neighbors and their really old blind Bassett Hound. I wanted to play with him...he didn't want to play with me, guess cause he couldn't see me.

Then a man came and started working on our house. He kept crawling up ladders, and drilling things and using tools that made all kind of weird beeping noises. He liked me...he said he has a Great Dane. But daddy was worried I would get in the way so he put me to bed. I could still watch, so that was okay.

After he left mommy took me for a walk with a new harness. They called it a Halti harness and mommy really likes it. I don't pull her all over the place with it. Heck, I like pulling...I think they need to get me a wagon or cart to pull, don't you?

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Sadie you are one smart dog. I don't know how your paws fit on the keyboard. Do you have special shoes to put on so they fit

    Eli the wonder dog

  2. A Bark to Eli,
    I think Sadie must have one of those computers that you speak the words, and it types it.
    As I am nearly blind, I need to have one of those too, even though I have dainty poodle paws.

    Sadie's paws are just getting too big for a regular keyboard. Maybe they will come out with "Sadie" size ones!
    Or, maybe we woofies should all just have secretaries!

    Happy Tails and Woofs, Misty, TX


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