The day has gone to the dogs....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We climbed on the motorcycles and headed out to find PEAR dog park, supposedly about 10 miles north of us. After one wrong detour, we finally located the park. We found a really nice setup. Three different dog areas. One for disabled or elderly dogs/owners. One for large (over 50#) dogs. One for mixed size dogs.

All the enclosures were empty, we chose the mixed size dog area. As soon as we let Sadie in she took off running...then leaped into the air like a deer, ran some more and leaped some more. It was so funny to watch. The only time she has been able to run loose was on our property in TN. This was a real treat for her.

You can read Sadie's version of the day on her blog and if you are really bored, you can watch a combination video I put together. The last part shows her playing with her new friend Mollie.

After about 90 minutes of play, we loaded back up and headed to McDonald's for a light lunch and, of course, some ice cream (shared with Sadie). The weather was so great that we took a leisurely 50+ mile ride before heading home.

Once home we settled into our chairs to read and relax. Stu's phone rang and it was the RV service company. They had talked to the extended warranty folks and they wanted the ceiling torn out to find the cause of the electrical failure to our front Fantastic Fan and rear A/C.

Stu, being the stubborn but mechanical sort, decided to tackle the issue himself. I won't go into all the particulars but after 3-4 hours of work (pulling out electrical panels, dismantling the bathroom over-toilet cabinet, tracing wires, finding the broken wire, fixing said broken wire, putting it all back together), everything is working! Phew!!! Now all they have to do is fix our kitchen slide awning and do the Norcold recall.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who I hope will take tomorrow off and really relax! It's supposed to be a rainy day so I'll be on the computer and/or cleaning up paperwork and doing filing.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. ou are luck o have such a hand hubb! our dogs look like he enjoed he da oo :)

  2. Great I have to go see what Sadie has to say. I'm a real dog lover so enjoyed the photos.

  3. Sadie looks like she had a wonderful time. Wish I could take Billy there, sigh......he would hide in the bushes if another dog came along!

  4. I love the part about the stubborn mechanical husband wants to fix it himself and does. That way he knows it is fixed properly and the way he wants it..not a quick fix slapped back together fix.

  5. Glad you found PEAR Park and enjoyed the thrill of seeing Sadie run, it's heartwarming,

    I am sure she had a nice nap after play time with some sweet dreams.

  6. It's good to have a handy husband... My Ralph is pretty handy himself but I usually make him take the RV in. Looks like Sadie had great fun at the doggie park. She is so darn cute!
    Have fun & Travel Safe!

  7. So much better to fix it yourself. . .glad for you!

  8. What a great handy man! Good for the dogs!

  9. I finally found a guy as handy and stubborn as McGuyver, who can fix most anything in our fiver..We are very lucky ladies, I have to say!!

  10. I wouldn't let anyone rip the ceiling out of my rig either. Unless it was the factory, where they could replace the entire deal if they got into trouble. I'm with Stu, just better to do it your self. That way you know what was messed with when something else quits.


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