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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mommy couldn't find Pumba. Daddy couldn't find Pumba. Today I found Pumba!!! I was so happy. I tossed him. I chewed him. I shook him. So much fun...

Okay, now that I told you my best news, I can talk about what's been happening. Yesterday I went for a nice bicycle ride with mommy and daddy. Then a man came and I heard him walking on our roof. There was water running all over my house! I barked and barked at him when he came down to the ground. Mommy took me for a long walk.

We left the park and went into the woods. I'm not so sure I like the woods. I tried to turn around, especially when I saw another dog. Kind of made me nervous but mommy kept me walking. Then I saw houses again...phew, we were coming out of the woods.

Just ahead of us I saw a big white dog that reminded me of my old friend, Keta. We got closer and the dog stopped walking and looked at me. Her mommy and daddy turned around and waited for us. Her name was Missy and they said she was a yello lab. I don't know what that is but I know she reminded me a LOT of Keta. Here is a photo of Keta and me, I don't have one of Missy and me.

As soon as we did "manners" (as mommy and daddy call it), I pounced. Guess what? She pounced back! They said she was seven but I don't believe it. We played for 10 minutes and then we all walked together for a while. I hope I see her again!

Today we went for a motorcycle ride but it was only a short one. Mommy and daddy went into a building and I waited patiently. While I was waiting some nice people came over and petted me. Next thing I know, those nice people were walking out with my mommy and daddy. Now I REALLY got petted...hee-hee!

They were really nice people...well, until they insisted on taking my photo. Mommy put my Doggles on for a picture but I know better. I only wear those when I'm on the motorcycle. I don't have to have them on when I'm off the bike. So there! LOL!

Finally they picked me up and took a few pictures...jeesh, parents!

But I sure do love my motorcycle....aren't I nice to let daddy drive it?

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

PS> Thank you Mr Nick and Miss Terry for the wonderful photos! And thank you for my cover shot on your motorcycle page. I'm telling ALL my friends about it!


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