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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I was right! We moved yesterday and mommy is all smiles. I really like our new park and mommy does, too. Everyone is real friendly and I get lots of attention. Hee-hee! There are lots of dogs here and I saw my little white poodle friend yesterday. We were riding our bicycles (well, I was pulling daddy's) and she was in front of us. I tried so hard to catch her (or him) but never did. Maybe tomorrow....

Today we went for another motorcycle ride and there was a lot of traffic. I saw a lot of people looking at me from their cars and some of them pointed those dumb cameras at me. Sigh...guess I just have to deal with it. Everyone seems to want a photo of me.

I waited patiently outside Cracker Barrel while mommy and daddy had lunch. They put me outside a window and got special seating in a closed section so they could watch me. The manager thought I was so cute he brought several waitresses over to the window to see me. All through lunch these nice ladies came to the window and waved at me. I didn't even have my Doggles on and they thought I was cute.

Then we went to my favorite place in the world...okay, maybe not my favorite, that's the big yellow and red building where I get ice cream. Petsmart!!! I got to meet up with several dogs, one was a BIG brown poodle. We sniffed and he was really nice until I got too puppy-bouncy for him. Then he growled at me. Someday I'll find a good friend like Keta to play with.

Mommy was excited because there was lots of stuff on sale. Then we had to leave and go to a place daddy called sammy's club. I thought it would be a place to play but instead I stayed outside with daddy and mommy went inside. She came out with a cart full of stuff and they put in in the big pockets on the motorcycles. While they were doing that a lady came up and asked if she could take my photo. I smiled for her....

Then we headed back home and I took a LONG nap! I earned it....

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

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  1. Hi Sadie,
    You sure are having a good time, and you are so good about staying outside on the motor cycle. I expect you are strapped in with some sort of seat belt?

    You look so pretty with your Doggles on. But you are a cutie anyway.

    Woof and sniff, from Misty, TX


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