I'm growing up....

Friday, January 21, 2011

First some notes to my readers...

Eli and Misty - I definitely have a secretary. Isn't that what mommies & daddies are for? Snickerrr...woof!

Billy - I saw some REALLY old dogs at the dog park. They have their own wire area so us kids don't bother them too much. I like "mature" dogs...they teach me my manners.

Scooter and Skittlez - I can't wait to run loose in the desert. From what I hear, I'll be wearing some bootz. I don't know what they are, but I'll deal with it just so I can run!!!

Mustang Sally - I think it's a requirement, too!! But my parents don't...today they were upset cause I dug a really cool hole in the wet dirt. It dug SO much better than the dry sand.

Diesel - mommy gave me a bath the other day but forgot my ears. Snickerrrr...woof! Then I heard daddy say he's going to clean them....ugh!!!
Okay, my friend Dottie suggested that mommy make a slideshow of my growing up. So here it is...from puppy to 22 weeks. Aren't I cute? Snickerrrrr...woof!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. You sure are growing up! How big will you get? I only weigh 10lbs. Maybe a few ounces more. I'm thinking you could almost eat me up! But you wouldn't..........right? Woofs to you, Billy

  2. Mom doesn't make us wear bootz out here in the desert but she rubs this stuff on our feet that helps make them feel better.

    We got some bad news today. Mom told us that we both have to go on diets!! We don't think that is a good thing because it has something to do with our food which we love, love, love.

    Skittlez and Scooter

  3. You sure have grown up, now you look like me all legs. I have a older room mate Lady she is 9 and boy can she teach you manners,old grump and Max the other room mate he has no manners at all Lady has tryed and still trying so may be one day.Got to go time to eat.


    P.S. Tell your mon thanks for making me pet of the week.I have it framed and hanging on the wall by my bed.

  4. Why do other Doggies have such nice long legs? Sadie, you sure are getting tall and you can run fast too. Max and I have short little Doxie legs. Well, I guess that's just how it is. We still think we're BiG Dogs. Shatzie.


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