Settling in....what's for dinner?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, we made our HUGE 50 mile move today....I feel so much better. Not much to post about the ride other than seeing a very nicely restored older Honda zoom past us. These were the best shots I could get.

We pulled into Bee's RV Resort and parked in the circle while we went over to register. I snapped a shot of the Bee Hive (community/activity center) and the Honeypot Eatery. The Eatery is open Tues & Fri nights and we've already had several tell us not to miss the Friday Fish Night.

We are close to our friends, Nick and Terry, who are staying in Orlando. They leave on the 8th so we're hoping to get a lunch or dinner together for hugs and chatter before they start their trek westerly. We'll miss their Western Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma...hate that, but we'll be there next year!

We have a nice wide spot and our site turned out to be a pull-through! Sadie loves it already...has had several folks stop by and make a fuss over her. LOL! Lots of dogs, bicycles and we've seen quite a few motorcycles.

We're gotten settled in and even managed to go for a nice 20 minute bicycle ride around the park and then sat outside reading till it got a bit too cool for us. Tonight we plan to head out for a movie, probably Tron: The Legacy. Thanks to our friends Dave & Renee, we got to watch the original Tron movie. I'd never seen it and after watching it, think I know why. LOL! But at least now I have some background before seeing the new movie.

Lastly, one of the blogs I follow...Diary of a Midlife Cruiser...had a refrigerator challenge today. She showed the contents of hers and challenged her readers to do the same. Now of course she followed with the makings of some delicious looking Pesto and a sandwich to die for...not gonna do that here. LOL! But I will post the inside of our frig.

As you see, it's pretty basic...and we have yet to do our usual stocking up on salad stuff and berries. That will come tomorrow when we visit the local Sam's Club in neighboring Ocoee. We also need to get Sadie to Petsmart in Ocoee for her last shot and to set up her appointment to get spayed.

No other firm lots of general stuff to catch up on. Stu has maintenance issues like installing the replacement inverter and getting the refrig recall set up. I have filing and tax stuff to start working on. We're here for two months so plenty of time for all the general stuff as well as lots of good motorcycling!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS> Just found another refrigerator blog: The Good Luck Duck


  1. Your fridge looks so organized compared to mine. It seems I just keep stuffing more stuff into it. Am planning a major cleaning next week once we are back in Blaine and before our big trip to Texas. Glad you had a safe trip!

  2. Looks like a good place to stop and 50 miles is definitely a leisurely drive.

  3. I like short moves like that especially when it gets you to a place that you are more comfortable in! :)

  4. I went looking at Bee's website as I would be interested in staying there, as I have family in the area and will be looking for long-term, possibly workamping campgrounds for the winter season. But I could find no info on the website about rates? Do you have any info on that, and do they use workamping couples? Thanks!!

  5. WOWZERS!! I make a new friend AND I get to snoop in their fridge! THIS is my lucky day :) I love how clean and organized your fridge is. And Yogurt takes top billing at your house!

    Thanks for playing along :) And thanks for stopping by and following my blog!


  6. Al & Karen, the rate is $550 a month all utilities (other than cable) included. One of the better winter rates and a great area. I don't know for sure if they use workampers but you can call and talk to the folks in the office or email them. They are really nice.

  7. Wow Froggi, that's one bad refrigerator! Did you get in there and enlarge it before the shoot? Where's the freezer?

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  8. Hi Donna & Stu...oh yeah, and Sadie

    I hope Stu plans on doing a blog entry on that inverter replacement. I have a similar project planned and would sure enjoy seeing someone else do it in advance of me getting started.

    Enjoy your stay....looks like a great stop!


  9. Love the new Park. It does pay to go with gut feelings. Nice fridge. Mine would give people night mares. :)

  10. So did you clean it up before you took the picture? :)

  11. You'll probably enjoy your stay at Bee's. Been to the all-you-can-eat fish on Friday night twice now. I am amazed at how organized they are getting so many people in and out in a short period of time. They sure start lining up early. Hopefully I'll get up your way before you leave - I really want to meet Sadie...oh, and you and Stu too!


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