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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I had planned on a "fun" blog today but after reading posts from RV friends Larry and Robin, I decided to post this instead.

I first met Larry online when he commented on my blog. Larry was a cancer survivor having had a tumor removed from the area of his windpipe and larynx. He and his wife are from PA and we talked about my Mike and his cancer treatment. There is nothing I like better than talking with those winning the battle against the beast.

We continued commenting on each other's blogs from time to time and eventually "friended-up" on Facebook. Larry moved his blog and I lost my link to it, found it again thanks to Facebook. Turns out that Larry was facing a recurrence of his cancer....chondrosarcoma.

Well, he beat it again, having another successful surgery. I love happy news!! But yesterday some not so happy news came from their corner. They were attending World Flea Market located just outside of Auburndale, Florida on US Route 92, just east of bypass 570, the Polk Parkway.

I'll let Larry tell the story in his words: VICTIMIZED andRobbed Again. My heart goes out to them, especially the discovery that their Segway won't be covered.

As RVers we need to be aware that if you are a full-timer and don't have a house with homeowner's insurance, you need to be sure ALL your goods are covered. It's so easy to just "get insurance" without thinking about what is really covered and what would happen if we had to replace ALL our RV/car/truck contents. Please be sure you've got it covered!!!

We still hope to meet face to face at our RVer luncheon on the 31st...then I can give them hugs in person.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Yes, so many people who choose to take what others have earned. We all need to be aware, and to help each other. Mahalo for the reminder. Safe travels!

  2. Goodness, I thought you were going to say his cancer came back. I'm sure the loss of material goods will be overcome in the long run. But you are completely right about not having home owners insurance to fill in the gaps as a full timer.
    We keep our sticks and bricks for visiting the grand kids and the time we want to be off the road, so that keeps the insurance in tact. When you get that new log home built on your lot, you will be once again in the homeowners group.

  3. We specifically sought out and found insurance designed for fulltime RV living. We use Miller Insurance Agency ( We now have policies that meet all our needs and provide full coverage for our stuff and liabilities.


  4. Being robbed takes an emotional toll.
    Thanks for posting the warnings. I don't own a RV currently, but a few weeks ago I called Good Sam to ask about their RV insurance they were very helpful in explaining about coverages for personal property. They gave me quotes for part time and fulltime RV travel. You have to let them know if you are a fulltimer to get the correct coverage.

  5. That is horrible... but great news about being a cancer survivor... I am a Breast Cancer Survivor myself. Two times!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  6. I'm glad to read that your friend Larry is doing better. But it's sad to read about his recent experience with robbers! I hope they catch the crooks and through them in jail!!


  7. Very sad about your friends. I think I will check with my insurance and make sure all of our stuff is insured.

  8. Another point to all of you wonderful careful what you disclose on your blogs as to your travel plans, what locks and what doesn't, etc. Be cautious and Stay Safe!! Who knows who is out there reading your blogs...Just be careful.//karen hardamon, fayetteville, ar.

  9. I learn something every day, meaning I didn't know what a Segway was and had to look it up. Wow, what a loss. I guess Brutus isn't a large dog? Nobody could get near my vehicle because my dog (78 lbs) would be having a fit and tearing up the seats to show how angry he was.

  10. Thank You for passing on Larry and Robin's story. Doug and I are not full-timers, but when we do camp (in a pop-up) at NASCAR Races there is no way to lock everything up. We're ok in that neighbors watch out for each other. So glad that Brutus was ok. A great reminder to us all. Karen

  11. Thanks for the sarcoma link. It's such a tough one to diagnose, I'm glad Larry is doing well. From a two time sarcoma survivor.


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