My new love.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh boy, today I found my new parks!!! I get to run and run and leap and chase balls and play with tug toys and other dogs...oh boy...they are FUN!!!

First thing I did was run, leap in the air, run some more, leap some more....mommy was irritated because she forgot her camera. Then daddy threw my tennis ball but when I went after it I found a LOT of tennis balls. So daddy started picking them all up but then I found a tug toy and we played with it for a while.

Mommy got out her phone and took some pictures of us. There were some other dogs but they were in another area and all I could do was watch them through the wire holes. Then a dog came into my area! I was SO excited!!

Turns out her name is Mollie and she just got rescued and has a new home. She's part greyhound and maybe a pinch-her (I think that is what her daddy said, but she didn't pinch me). She was shy at first but then she played with me for a while. We had fun!

Mommy took some moving pictures with her phone but the sound went away so all you can do is watch me play. That's okay...I know I'm fun to watch!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. That looks like a really fun place. Dad has let us go outside without our leashes on since we've been out here in the desert in Yuma. We're really getting spoiled.

    Scooter and Skittlez

  2. Sadie you are too cute. My dogs, Rusty and Poppy, went to the groomers today. They didn't like it much. They would rather have been at the dog park. I bet you'll sleep good tonight after all that exercise.

  3. That sure looked like a great place for you to romp around! But got more energy than me. I am an old guy of 13! Mom wanted to bring me there.........she is nuts! She knows I only like to look at other dogs on the laptop! So I will just continue to do my romping at home! Have a nice weekend! PS, Mom keeps hoping to see you out there on 27, on the bike hehe. Billy


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