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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My "kids" are all over 30 and Stu's are close to that...not really kids anymore, but we still call them that. We have grandkids from almost 3 to mid-20's, so not all of them are really "kids". LOL!

Yesterday morning Stu's grandgirls Skype'd him and they chatted a bit. Last night my grandkids in Atlanta Skype'd us as well. Have you ever tried talked to an 8 year old as she walks her laptop around with her? It's interesting to say the least.

There is a pair of "kids" whose blog I follow....I love their sense of adventure and true joy of life. Their posts from the last two days need to be shared....I think you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

We'll be doing a preview of the vendors at Gator Harley today, tomorrow is our big day. Since we'll be gone all day tomorrow and the temps are forecast for upper 80's, we decided to send Sadie to doggy camp at Preppy Pet. We'll probably take Saturday off and visit on the final day, Sunday. But then again, our plans are always flexible!

On a side note, Sadie is now 8 months old and 34.5#. Her energy level has increased and we are trying to get her out with the bicycle every day, most days twice. In addition, visits to the dog park help. Challenging us, her stubborn streak has grown. She is so smart but sometimes selectively so...LOL!

Walking when she is excited has been a challenge so yesterday we bought a Gentle Leader. We have already gone through collar walking (pulls and chokes herself), regular harness, web harness (still pulls, great for riding in the truck or on the bike), Halti harness (best initially but she's too strong now), and yesterday finally bought the Gentle Leader Head Collar.

We have steered away from these because people interpret them as a muzzle (which they are definitely NOT). It's supposed to work on the opposition principle, putting pressure on the back of the neck as well as turning the dogs head towards you when they pull ahead. We'll see....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Oh those wonderful teenage dog years! Try a German dachshund for stubbornness.

  2. Thanks for the links to "Karma". Indeed a good post.

  3. I'm really interested in how you fair with the "Gentle Leader" collar. I have one but have been hesitant to use it on my mini- Aussie. She likes to pull a bit but so far has not been hard to control. She is around 29 lbs and very strong. At 13 months she should be about done growing. Good luck with your pooch.

  4. As my Mom got more frail she had to stop walking her own dog because the tiny Schnoodle would pull her over! Best to teach Sadie now.

  5. Next trip is to New York for me. Maybe not exotic, but very exciting. Hmm…

  6. My daughter has one of those leads for her service dog in training. She swears by it. It really is gentle. Hope it helps with Sadie.

  7. Doggie camp is sometimes a pretty nice option. Remember how much we loved our kids and how nice it was to occasionally get a baby sitter? My "kids" are in their 40's but of course they are still kids.

  8. I need to try and get our kids to use Skype.

  9. If it wasnt' for Skype, I wouldn't be camping. I couldn't stand NOT seeing our grandkids for 4 months.....It is a wonderful tool!! You two are to be commended for raising a pup again...We decided we are now too darn old to do that..If we did anything, we would get an older rescue dog...but not anytime soon!LOL

  10. Skype is great. My nephew skyped me from Kuwait last week. It's amazing!
    My dog Hanni is too big to have control, so I wrap her leash around her front legs under her chest. When she pulls, it tightens around her chest instead of choking her. Ohterwise, she would be pulling me instead of me walking her...


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