I've lost track....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let's see...we drove from Vero Beach to Clermont. The rains came. The sun came out. We rested. We unloaded the bikes. Sadie napped. Stu napped. Donna napped. We took a motorcycle ride. We stopped at the local Harley dealer. We bought too much stuff...thank you, Stu! We had a late lunch, early dessert at Denny's.

Yup, pretty much the same old, same old! Here are a few fun photos....LOL!

The weather is good, we are good, life is good...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Stu looks to be having a really good nap!

  2. Accordian too one of I.M.'s couzins who are hog wild bout motosickles, the only time time ya use the words "too much stuff" when a speakin' Harley talk are when yer a referencin' what ya didn't buy. But then ya bein' as smart as y'all are, ya probable alredy knowd that.

  3. Why is it that all rver wives have a shot, like the one of Stu, of their hubbies catching a nap outside in their reclining lounge chairs?

  4. Too much fun in the sun for Stu! Well, perhaps not the shot of him with his shovel - that's just not right... lol! We're off next weekend on our first ride of the season - can't wait!

  5. If I were you I'd keep that camera hidden from Stu. If he gets his hands on it you may be in trouble. Funny pictures...love it.


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