First day back in Jamestown...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a short blog here...most of the details about today are in our Fire Lily Base Camp blog and some side notes from Sadie over in Sadie Speaks. LOL! For those who are newer followers, you can see all the work done on our land in the Fire Lily blog as well as our SmugMug album.

I did snap a few photos in the campground this morning, the other dogwood photos you can see in the Fire Lily blog...hope you'll take a peek.

After doing all our running around for the day, we stopped at McDonald's for a cup of coffee and an ice cream. Then we walked over to Tractor Supply...we always find something interesting there. They still had some peeps and I just had to snap a few shots.

We got home and started watching a movie we had recorded. Sadie was whipped from her playtime but decided she was awake enough to enjoy the bone we bought at Tractor Supply.

Suddenly my phone vibrated and showed that I had missed a call from Stu. Huh? He was sitting next to me. I asked him if he had butt dialed me and he said he wasn't even wearing his phone, maybe it was an old call. Nope, the time was current. He headed up to the bedroom, thinking maybe the phone had fallen to the floor and dialed me. Nope. No phone.

So I called him back...well, his phone back...but it went immediately to voice mail. Hmmm.... Then I get a call from his youngest daughter back in Maryland. She had gotten a call from the Jamestown McDonald's where he had left his phone. LOL! Got to love small towns....if it had been in a big city, I have no doubt it would have disappeared. He headed out to pick up the phone and all is well except he needs a different case. This is twice this week that it's fallen off the clip.

Not much else new...I'll be working on sorting through stuff for storage and then I'll be going through all the storage stuff, taking photos and packing like stuff with like. We also will be squeezing in some doctor appointments, meals with friends and service appointments for both motorcycles in addition to working on the property. Busy couple of months to be spent here in Tennesse...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Sure glad you got Stu's phone back. Gotta love those small towns.

  2. Yes, that is definitely a plus about small towns! And before Stu even missed it, so no time spent worrying!! :)

  3. Yep..any other bigger town and the cell phone would be history....Can I just say...I LOVE TENNESSEE!!

  4. I wonder how often that happens? Lost my phone in Walmart in Texas and missed the call back on the other cell. Still managed to get the phone back thanks to a sharp young lady working for Walmart.

  5. Hubster was having the same issue with his cell phone and the clip style holder. We switched him to a small camera case that his belt actually goes through the loop to secure the holder to him better and also the velcro is much stronger than a magnetic closure on a typical cell phone holder.... just a thought!

    Glad you got it back!!!

  6. So lucky about the phone!
    I love those peeps. I had some once, and they ended up laying beautiful eggs. That's one thing I won't be able to have in my RV, but I would if I could!


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