Leaving Florida...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's finally time to move northerly...heading to our land in Tennessee. I'm excited about cooler weather...been pretty hot here lately. Stu is excited about getting the RV site finalized so we can park there anytime we want or need. We're both excited about seeing the land in spring bloom. We know there are a lot of old rhododendrons and they should be gorgeous...we hope.

Speaking of spring blooms....the final verdict on the flowering bush here in Florida is Jasmine. There are many different varieties from night-blooming to primrose. But that is definitely what it is. Thanks to everyone for your help.

We have been pretty laid back since the Bike Fest ended on Sunday. We went to the movies and saw "The Lincoln Lawyer" and really enjoyed it. Lots of twists and turns...and the chemistry between Marisa Tomei and Mathew McConaughey....oh my! Last week we saw "Hanna"...another interesting movie, ripe for a sequel.

We've both done a few chores each day, watched some TV and just generally relaxed. The inverter is back in and seems to be doing fine. We'll see how it works tomorrow night when we stop to asphalt park for the night.

Last evening we rode down to Disney Marketplace so I could get another frog visor...I get so many compliments on it (and photos taken). I ended up picking up two, one to stay on the bike and one to save for when the current one wears out. LOL! The marketplace was packed!!! Took us 10 minutes or more to find a parking spot. So dinner there was out...we headed back towards home and found a Five Guys. YUM!! We did snap a few photos of one of the fire stations and a sunset shot in the parking lot.

Most of our de-oozing is done...we will load the bikes after pulling out of our spot. Why? Remember the unloading? LOL! I also have to stay behind to fill in the Sadie holes under the rig...wonder if we can teach her how to do it? Hmmmm....

Not sure where we will spend the night tomorrow, just depends on how far we make it. Saturday and Sunday will find us at the KOA in Cartersville where we will try to catch up with my youngest daughter and her family. We'll make it to TN on Monday where we will stay at Maple Hill RV Campground for the first month. Hopefully the RV site will be ready for us to move to after that....time will tell.

Oh, here are the shots taken of us back at Bike Week as we visited Daytona Harley, before any of our recent custom work was done.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Don't forget about that guest site (tee hee)! We're in Kansas headed for guess-where. Sitting tight tomorrow when 60-mph wind gusts are expected!

    Safe travels!


  2. I want to hear and see more about your property in TN. We are thinking the same thing -- property in NC close to our daughter, so I will be watching. Take care & safe travels!

  3. I would be anxious about getting my land all set up for the rig, too. Tennessee is such a neat place....We have been through it many times on our way to Florida...Especially love the Monteagle and Lynchburg areas...Enjoy!!

  4. Alan and Marilyn, keep checking our "Fire Lily Base Camp" blog for updates on the property. (http://www.firelily.us/

  5. Don't wish too much for cooler weather, we are now in Pennsylvania and it is down right cold...turning on the heating blankets and heater again at night and in the mornings. Hardly did that at all during our entire visit in Florida.

    Safe travels!

  6. Once again, we thoroughly enjoyed the Lakeland luncheon this winter, so thank you for organizing it. Have a safe journey "home" to TN. See ya down the road. Kozmo says to tell Sadie to "continue to be cool."


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