Was I wearing a "Kick Me" sign?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yesterday was one of those days when everyone I seemed to deal with had something irritating to say. Early in the day I found the top radiator hose at the Freightliner parts warehouse, told the guy to set it aside and that I would be there in about an hour or so.

On my way out of the Cartersville KOA I made the horrible mistake of driving through one of the empty sites in order to make the turn to the driveway leaving the park. Apparently this is a deadly sin and the manager came out of the office to take issue with me about it.

Now to be fair, it is one of the rules that you shouldn't do this and frankly I don't read every rule for every park that we go to. So getting called out for it was not a big deal. But, after some fairly sarcastic comments from the manager/owner, I told him I understood.

But that wasn't enough for him. He proceeded to berate me using some very foul and offensive language. I raised my voice and said "you made your point" three times. His last comment was "If you don't like the f***ing rules, then hook up and leave." We did.

I still can't believe that this guy's business is doing so great that he would abuse a regular customer in such a way. He knew were repeat customers (multiple times in the past three years) by mentioning that fact in between his cuss words.

When this current recession started, Donna and I noticed a vast increase in customer service in many stores/restaurants we visited. Obviously these businesses had made a conscious effort to get and keep customers. We rather enjoyed the increased attention and returned to many of these places to shop and eat.

Not sure what this clown's issue was and I really don't care. I will not do business there in the future. Not sure I will go to any KOAs anywhere, they gave this one the "President's Award" last year...hmmmm, wonder what they had to do to get that?

So next, when we arrived in the Cookeville, TN area, we made a stop at Sam's Club for some things we needed. I usually park the rig on the edge of a parking lot where there is usually a lot of room and I am not interfering with the flow of traffic etc. When finished with our shopping I always push the cart to one on the corrals. The last thing I want is to be responsible for a wayward card damaging someones car.

Imagine my surprise when putting the cart in amongst others that I committed the second deadly sin of the day. I actually put the cart with a group of damaged carts. This seems to set up some sort of "matter/anti-matter" reaction that will affect all life as we know it. Al least according to the cart guy in the parking lot.

He was whistling and shouting, waving his arms while telling me "That is not where that cart should be placed, those are the one's that need repair".. I asked "Where the sign that say's that"? He repeated his previous statement. I did what I do best: gave him a dumb look and said "Oh that's interesting, how am I supposed to know that and why do you need to know that now"? We left the parking lot before the "time/space continuum" sucked us in the the eternal vortex.

Oh well, no permanent damage done. Just some annoying folks that really need to reevaluate their current career choices. I just hope they do that before I run into them again.

Till next time....


  1. At least after a bad day there's a strong chance that the next one will be a whole lot better. I hope that's how it worked out for you.

  2. Isn't it sad when people think that attitude will make them feel better? Honestly can't see anything wrong with either of YOUR actions!

  3. So far since retiring from corrections I have not had my Polite Patience/Put-them-on-the-floor-and-chain-them-up instincts tested. Apparently the aura of intimidation still holds.

    Sorry you had to be challenged by idiots. They are everywhere.

  4. Must have been something in the air yesterday because I was feeling frustrated with two different doctor's offices/receptionists and just wanted to yell "what about common sense" but since some people don't even know what that is...you get the drift.

    Hope today is a better day for you.

  5. Some days it doesn't pay to talk to anyone. :)

  6. The planets or stars must have been lined up funny!

  7. Certainly must have been something in the air. We are at a resort where we were instructed to a site where there was a truck parked in it so we grabbed the next one and called the office to let them know. They agreed it was fine, well not only were the folks across the path using that site for parking their trucks, they were also using it as their gathering site. Around 9pm the blazing firepit lit up and the laughter and loud noises began right next to our rig and sleeping window. This went on into the wee hours of the morning. Hate it when asking them to quiet down makes it worse and the office does not have a number that security will come and do anything about it.

    We moved to a site on the other end of the park this morning since we do have a few days left here. We told the office why we did that...they shrugged their shoulders and acted as if our messages throughout the night wasn't even heard. Today is a much better day...

  8. I guess the worst is when someone cuts you off and then give YOU the "you know what". Makes me glad I live in the middle of nowhere and only go to town rarely! Hope the rest of your week is much better, you had enough mean people for at least a month.

  9. Don't let it get ya down...You can't fix stupid. Some people have absolutely no tact..These are probably the same peeps who park in handicapped spots...for no reason:-(

  10. Some people just don't think before they open their mouths. You did the right thing, don't lower your self to their standards. The guy in the rv park is just a idiot who does like himself, and the guy in the parking lot in charge of carts um I thing will all know his ploblem is....

  11. Cracking me up!!! I'm sure you got your laugh on, pops - you're good like that!! Love ya both!!

  12. Yours is the second blog I read today with not good things to say about a KOA Kampground. This woman was taking a weekend with her kids and rented a cabin. The website said small kitchen. Her definition included some type of appliance to cook food, something besides a microwave. Anyways she asked for a refund and left but not after being berated by the manager in front of her young children.
    We've never stayed at a KOA but not sure if I would now. Here's a link to the other blog if you're interested in reading her experience.


    Love living vicariously through y'all. Thanks for sharing!


  13. KOAs rank at the bottom of our list of places to stay. We have had some like experiences and are just not happy with them. The one in Apache Junction, AZ - a gunshot was heard about 10:00 pm. Police came. Seems a gentleman camped two rigs down from us had got himself liquored up and was playing with his gun. Thank goodness the thing shot through the floor or his trailer and not through the wall into somebody else's. What did KOA do? Nothing. Said the guy needed to sleep it off. Rules clearly say no weapons. When we talked to management - they just kind of shrugged and said at least he didn't shoot anybody. Not good enough for us.

  14. I have worked in a number of camp grounds. Everyone has had the " don't drive through sites rule". That said, I do it myself from time to time. We have had people cutting through sites and ran over the water or sewer lines, not a good thing. The manager must not know the power of the BLOGS. I would never stay at a place with that attitude. I'm not sure I could stand by and let a guy talk to me that way. Your a better man than I. I would have lost it after the first cuss words.

  15. Unbelievable day, Stu. You handled it well; you hitched up and left. The KOA fool - or his owners - will hopefully feel the $$$ pinch when everyone of your readers takes note and avoids booking in there. It seems this experience was the exception rather than the rule.

  16. Oh the power of the internet :)
    I'll bet that campground loses other potential business too. Don't forget to zing them on RVParkReviews.com I always check there before making a decision.
    Tomorrow will be a better day :)

  17. I hate those kind of days! We stayed once at Calhoun KOA and hated it! They have so many rules and are so unfriendly. Not to mention the park is not very well maintained.

    When in the area, we always stay at the Harvest Moon in Adairsville.

    Tomorrow will be better.

  18. Thanks for all the comments. I have completed the survey KOA sent, sent an email to corporate and completed a review at RVParkReviews. At the end of the day, I laughed at it all!

  19. Oh, Karen beat me to it!!

    As a rule, we avoid KOA just for the simple fact that they seem to trend towards families, especially in the summer and it's not that we don't love kids, it's just that sometimes their parents are on too much of a vacation and let their kids run a bit too rampant in the parks.

    However, right now while we are home in KS, but not living in our real house for the year, the only park even remotely close to our son's family is a KOA. So here we are. And, we had to pick up stakes and go to western KS for 4 days out of the month we paid for and they added it on to the end of the month!!! Now, that was going above and beyond!

    Sorry your day, um, sucked! Sun's up on another better one by now!

  20. There is a park in Apache Junction that has a list of rules that is three pages long. It covers everything from leaving the park with your RV mid stay (a big no, you will not be allowed back) to having to mow the grass on your site (loaner mower available).

    A friend in Oliver BC is a retired cop who owns an RV park. He has only one rule posted in the office: "Rules: Use Common Sense"! He says he spent his life enforcing rules and does not intend to do it now that he is retired. A little common sense goes a long way.

  21. This is an interesting post, as we are camped in the Springfield, Mo KOA!!! They were quite nice to us at check in and drove us to our site in a golf cart in the driving rain. But the guy watched us with an eagle's eye as we entered the site. Babbled something about folks hitting his power tombstones so he has to really watch out for us. Well OK then, but I haven't looked at the rules because it is raining cats and puppies outside and last I checked just sitting in your rig doesn't break any rules! That is if you let the park ranger park you anyway!!

    Our biggest beef with KOA's is their price is always $10 or more than the local competition. But my GPS seems to have them all in its data base, and they are usually so darned convenient! What are you going to do?

    But I am just like you when it comes to being treated badly, even when I have done something wrong. I'd have been packed up and leaving too if I was parked next door to you!

  22. It's the economy. It puts everyone in a foul mood and sometimes they take it out on the customer. I say it's better to be the victim than the one with a stick up there ***. Just started following your blog. Can't wait to read more.


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