Back in Tennessee!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We arrived back in Tennessee, yesterday. Felt like home....spring is definitely in the air, everything is so much greener than Florida and as we moved north through Georgia, we could see the dogwoods blooming.

Today we took a ride out to see how the property looked...and hoped we'd find a few dogwoods on our land. We lucked out...not as many as I would have liked and most were really tall, thanks to years of competition with other trees. We hope they will fill out as we thin out the trees and underbrush.

I snapped a couple of pics of the dogwoods and some wildflowers as well.

Before going to the land, we stopped at a local barn builder to look at what they offered. We really liked the quality and the prices were good. We've been debating a carport affair that we can get put up for under $800 or an enclosed shed for about $2000 more.

A shed is much more secure and more weather resistant. Besides giving us a good spot to park the bikes when we are staying on the lot, it has enough room to store the totes that are in our storage unit, saving us a little money each year.

Our first priorities this spring are 1) getting the driveway and parking area finished off with smaller gravel, allowing us to take the bikes in and out and 2) getting power installed. Water and septic can wait until next fall or even the following year.

The shed....not sure where that falls into place but will be nice when we finally do it. We did measure out a 16 x 20 foot spot for it. Stu will start taking down the smaller trees that will need to go. The good thing is that we won't need any additional gravel in that spot.

We hope to meet up with our contractor in the next few days, getting a quote for finishing the main driveway so we can get him going on the work. Sadie hopes to have lots of visits to the land so she can play with her friend, Keta. LOL!

Sadie enjoyed her walk along the edge of the property and had fun chasing a squirrel into the woods. She wasn't too sure about the creek though....LOL!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. How exciting to watch you work on your future home. Looks like a nice peace of land. Do you have neighbors or are you out there "all to yourselves?"


  2. Very nice land! I know you all will have fun getting it just like you want! :-) I love Tennessee (Mike is from Nashville) and always wanted to settle there!

  3. I hope you enjoy being in my hometown of Jamestown.


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