Last few days roundup of news.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay, here goes!
  • Left Wally World in Valdosta and headed to the KOA in Cartersville, GA
  • Stopped in Perry GA so Sadie could play in the dog park (photos in her blog)
  • Stopped at Camping World in Byron, GA and picked up a few things
  • Got in early evening, set up and headed out to Cracker Barrel for dinner
  • Visited grandkids on Sunday...they WORE SADIE OUT!!!!
  • Had dinner with daughter on Sunday night
  • Stu headed into Atlanta on Monday morning and picked up the upper radiator hose (two lower hoses ordered online and being shipped to us)
  • Arrived at Maple Hill RV Campground in Jamestown, TN late Monday
No photos...sorry! We did notice how much greener it was in Georgia than it was in Florida. Then in north Georgia and all the way northerly in Tennessee, we got to see all the dogwoods blooming. Gorgeous! I'll get some photos today around the park and local area.

We picked up my storage totes in Georgia and have to take them to our storage unit today. Sometime this week we will have more to take there and I need to organize it all again, taking photos of the McNicol China and various pitchers that I am collecting. Also need to list all the state license plates we have collected so that we don't duplicate too many. LOL!

Will visit the property today as well, hoping Sadie's friend Keta will still be there and they can play. Lots to get done while we are here...bikes into our Harley dealer (separate days), meals with friends, working on the land, organizing/storing extra stuff in the storage unit, and doctor appointments.

Promise photos of the area in the next few days...hoping it doesn't rain as much as the forecast says....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Did you know that because I mentioned your name when I signed on at Harvest Hosts that you'll get a free month? I received an email telling me that and I'm wondering if you got one.

  2. We did get an email but they don't tell us who signed up. Thank you!!!!


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