Parents are funny....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Today was moving day but I don't mind the walls coming in anymore...I know what's happening now! Daddy didn't load the motorcycles right away this time...that did confuse me. The big white truck moved to the road and THEN he loaded the bikes...after he put me in the truck.

Mommy was busy filling in my holes....daddy asked her if they went to china. I don't know what he means but mommy told him yes.

I watched both of them to be sure they were doing what they should....

Then I relaxed for the rest of the work was done!

Tonight mommy brought me a new toy from the store. This morning she threw away my keys, I loved chewing on them but guess I chewed too much. Now I have two chew rings with a rope braid holding them together. It's good for chewing AND tugging!!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Well, have fun wherever you are headed for Sadie! Love, Billy

  2. I watch my parents from the truck when they hook up the house and make the walls go in too. SOMEONE has to make sure they do everything right!

    I was just wondering, do you snore? My mommy and daddy keep saying I do, but I don't believe them.

    Big barks,

  3. You make a really good supervisor. We really don't supervise - more like get in the way, Mom says. And Skitz doesn't like those walls moving any more now then she did two years ago. But I'm pretty cool with them.

    We sure are glad we are back in blogland after spending a week in Death Valley. Saw a coyote in our campground but I chased him out of there in a hurry.



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