Wow...where did that week go?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've blogged several times but not about "us" and our time here in Jamestown. It hasn't been overly exciting but we've stayed busy. We've moved more stuff to storage, still have a few totes to go (the storage facility was closed for the 3 day holiday weekend).

We've done a few chores, visited the land a couple of times, gone shopping, ate out, ate in...yup, all the everyday ordinary stuff. Have had rainy weather, cloudy weather, stormy weather...but on Saturday, we had SUN!!!

Saturday started out cloudy but by 11ish the sun was peeking out. We loaded up Sadie and headed out on the motorcycles. We took back roads over to Livingston and down to Cookeville where we visited our HD Dealer, Boswell's. We set up service appointments for both our bikes, then headed to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch (they had shade for Sadie).

From there we took back roads to Sparta, encountering an unexpected but well marked detour. We passed my old house and went on my personal demon road. By the time we got home we had ridden 135 miles over 5 hours. I was TIRED and achy....LOL! We need to do more riding to get in shape for longer rides. It was a perfect day for riding...great weather, wonderfully twisting mountain roads and very little traffic.

Today I sat outside and read until the clouds finally drove me inside.

Tomorrow morning we meet up with our contractor to talk about the next steps that are needed for the RV site. More on that later in the week in our Fire Lily Base Camp blog.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We have been holed up in Flagstaff since Tuesday--both of us sick with the crud. Jim wound up in the ER at Flagstaff Medical Center for 4 hours for breathing treatments and steroid injections. I don't think it has anything to do with the altitude, more to do with getting caught in that dust storm in Texas. We hope to be pulling out for the Grand Canyon in the morning.

  2. Dang Donna I'm not a sissy or one of those overly emotional girls but when I read your old blog about the demon I felt the eyes get watery. I'm so glad you and Stu have each other.

    ps. yes I've started a new blog for a new chapter. Sorry for any confusion!
    Cheers! ~M

  3. ..and I linked to the second half of my day. I just changed the link to the right blog, about my demon road.

  4. Thanks for sharing about your demon road. I'm glad it has been conquered!

  5. I think we all have our "demons"..Congratulations for kicking yours to the curb...Loved your story of how you chose your land...

  6. Great pictures Donna. Thanks for sharing them. Sounds like you have kept busy..

  7. Thanks for sharing about your "demon road." Glad you & Stu found each other! Altho we are only in our 2nd year as fulltimers, I so appreciate your advice & sharing your plans for your future property. We already "think" we will settle in East NC near our dgt. I will be watching the progress on your property with great interest!

  8. Weather is kind of an important factor we take to consideration when starting a day of activities. I´m glad you had at least a little sun time. I remember when I travelled to Argentina, I had a booked room in this hotel near Puerto Madero and the weather forecast was saying that it was going to rain all week and I was not a ble to change my reservation. Finally, all of the days I was there were sunny. It is because of the country´s location, that most of the days there are sunny.


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