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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not much interesting has been going on since my last post. Stu recovered from his digging and nap. Sadie is recovering from a great visit to the dog park. Chores still need to be done. Laundry beckons. The sandy feet and shoes provide a constant battle inside the rig.

Monday we all headed out to Cracker Barrel to meet a former co-worker of mine. I haven't seen her in quite a few years and was looking forward to catching up on news. We worked together in Atlanta during the late 1990's. Kathleen was the one that introduced me to Chicago Dogs (and yes, I still have a hankering for one...might have to find a local Sonic).

We had several power outages later in the day. I sat outside and read but after an hour, fired up the generator. After it came on we had two immediate blips...downside is the DVR has to completely self-test, reset and reload everything. So we decided to order a small UPS for it. I used to always have one in the office for desktop computers.

Today we woke up to more rain and thunder but since it had been in the forecast, we knew today would be a movie and grocery shopping day. We went to see Source Code and both really enjoyed it. Kind of gets you thinking....

From there it we headed to Sam's Club, Petsmart and Wal-Mart. Sadie needed her nails trimmed and we wanted to look at new bedding for her crate. Our next stop was at McDonald's for some coffee and ice cream to go since our last stop was the dog park.

After more than an hour at the dog park, an hour of non-stop movement for Sadie, we headed back home to unload all the groceries (my least favorite chore, other than washing windows...LOL!)

Thursday we plan to check out the vendors at Gator Harley-Davidson in Leesburg, sort of an early kick-off for the bike week here. Friday is the day Stu plans to get the faring on his bike custom painted. We hope we can drop Sadie off at Preppy Pets for a play day since the temps will be in the upper 80's-low 90's and we have to be there all day. We'll take her over for a shorter day on Saturday or Sunday.

Not sure when the next blog will be since we will be busy at Leesburg Bike Fest through Sunday. Hang in there.... ;-)

Oh, in case you didn't see it...I did get some new BLING for my motorcycle.

Last side note, here is a photo taken at our last dinner at BrewGrrs in Vero Beach.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Being a Bostonian, I am a "Ball Park" gal so I am not familar with Chicago dogs.

    Have you tried Char's Beef & Dogs in Groveland on Hwy 50? A coworker loves them and she is from Chicago. If nothing else a good excuse for a bike ride!

  2. Sadie might enjoy a trip to a dog park in Apopka. I don't know the name of the actual dog park, but it was located in the back of Kit Land Nelson Park. It might have been called Doctor's Dog Park, but I'm not sure. I forgot to include the name of it in my blog post last year - duh! You could also take Sadie onto the outdoor patio of the restaurant I mention in the post.

    October 27, 2010

    Enjoy a fun bike weekend in Leesburg. Nice bling on your bike.

  3. We also get frustrated with our Tivo box when we have a brief power outage. Does that UPS gadget help? I'm not understanding how it could prevent the dvr from resetting?

  4. Susan, a Chicago Dog isn't a brand it's a "meal in a bun". http://www.hotdogchicagostyle.com/makeyourown.php

    Thanks, Margie. If we have time this visit, we'll check it out.

    Karen, the UPS won't help in a long power outage. It is a battery backup that lasts 10-15 minutes (depending on the power needs of the items plugged into it). So it will help with the little blips in power when everything goes off for a minute or two. We've had 3-4 of those in the last two days. Takes 10-15 minutes for the DVR to reload everything, with the UPS it would stay on and be fine.


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