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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yesterday we went out to the property to meet with our contractor and get pricing for finishing the gravel in the driveway. He was late so I spent time taking pictures of Sadie and Keta while Stu continued taking down some of the smaller trees. Keta took a rest while Sadie helped supervise the tree removal.

Then it was time for a drink of water, before they sat and relaxed a bit. LOL!

After talking with Dave, our contractor, Stu made arrangements for three loads of rock crush gravel for the driveway. We may not need it all, but the extra will just be put in the pole barn driveway.

Today Stu got a call from Dave that he thought he might be able to get the gravel done around noon, depending on the rain. Well, the rain continued off and on enough that they had to cancel but Stu spent the afternoon cutting up more wood to be used for railings, trail markers, firewood or whatever. LOL!

We are now at the mercy of the weather...tomorrow is supposed to be pretty severe with a chance of even tornadoes! Friday looks good so we're hoping the gravel will get done then. More photos to follow after it's done!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

PS> As always, you can see more photos in our SmugMug album: Fire Lily Base Camp, Barger Ln Jamestown TN

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  1. Sounds like you're excited about the progress. I've always wanted a log home, and using the trees to make the railings and other items sounds great.


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