Last day at Leesburg Bike Fest

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We got up early and headed into downtown Leesburg to see about getting my seat customized for more comfort. The vendor wasn't there yet so we dropped off my bike in front of their tent and headed off to breakfast at Denny's.

We arrived back about 9:30, still no vendor so we headed across the street to meet up with old friends of mine, Jerry and Donna Palladino. They are the founders of Ride Like a Pro video series, something every new or returning rider should order.

We headed back to the seat vendor, Master Lugo's, and talked about what I needed done to the seat. From their website:

1) Personal Consultation
2) Customized Fitting & Inlays
3) Large Selection Of Exotic Synthetic Materials
4) UV Treated
5) Water Repellant
6) We Use Real Memory Foam
7) Work Done While You Wait.
8) One Year Warranty On Craftsmanship

First I sat on my bike and we discussed where I had issues. Then they shaped the original foam, carving out excess foam. Another seat session and memory foam was added underneath the stock foam in areas of extra pressure. Then a layer of memory foam was glued to the top of the stock seat. The excess was cut off and then it was sanded to smooth the edges. One more seat session and it was time for sewing the cover.

I had originally thought I would just have the original cover put back on. Stu started looking at the material they had and suggested looking at that. We tried several colors from light to dark, in various patterns (snake, alligator, ostrich, plain). I kept coming back to a lighter color that really seemed to pull out the colors in my custom paint. When talking to Maria, the owner's wife, about pricing she mentioned getting just the top piece done and leaving the sides black. I really liked that idea.

We headed across the street to watch the Ride Like a Pro demonstration. I had seen it several times before but it was new to Stu. He really enjoyed it and I enjoyed the new additions. One was a husband/wife team that switched seats WHILE RIDING and the other was a 4' 11" tall, 17 year old teenager who had to have help getting on the huge bike, rode it like a pro when she couldn't even reach the shifter peg.

Then we headed back to check on the bike. The seat looked great, felt even better. I really liked it. Eusebio mentioned that later I might want to get the insert on the Mustang fender pad done to match. I hadn't thought about that, asked if he could do it today and he said sure.

We headed out to walk around and do our final browsing and purchases. I picked up a t-shirt from the local high school fund raiser but other than that our only purchase was soda. LOL! The bike was done when we got was amazing!! The little extra really made it all flow and made the bike look really customized.

Here are some random photos from today....

We were done at the rally so we loaded up and headed back towards home. We stopped at Beef O'Brady's for lunch and then back to the rig. I headed in for a nice cool shower and Stu put Sadie's carrier back on the trike and headed off to pick her up. She came home, one happy but very tired puppy. She has slept most of the afternoon/evening...a tired puppy is a GOOD puppy. LOL!

Tomorrow is chore day again...I still have paperwork to tackle and file as well as do more laundry. Stu will do little chores around the rig. It's going to be 90 again so suspect we won't be riding.

For those that wondered, the small UPS we ordered arrived and we installed it. The power has been going off and on every afternoon till after 6:30-7 pm. It's only off for a minute or two and the Tripp-Lite UPS we installed has worked perfectly. The TV and DVR stay on, no interruption!

Thank you to everyone for your comments on the Gentle Leader for Sadie. It definitely works and she is slowly getting used to it. We are using it every time we walk her. She still shakes her head occasionally and tries to paw it off if we stop walking for too long. I think we have found the solution and for less than $20 I recommend you try it if your dog pulls, tugs, lunges when walking!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. The light tan seat leather and fender pad really ties the pen striping together, making the tank and back fender stripes seem more as one, rather than independent pieces of art. But I'm thinking your back side is the one that really benefited for those long rides you folks like to do!

  2. Oooooooo....WOW! Does that ever look SUPER! Yes, I like the tan and black combo. Sure goes well with the custom paint job. And Yes, the Mustang pad finishes the whole thing off. AWESOME looking bike!


  3. Your new seat looks very nice and it does bring out the colors from the other customizing.

    Sadie looks worn out. She must have had a fun day playing with all the other dogs. Now you know how to wear her out!

  4. New seat really complements the custom paint job. Really looks good, even to a non-bike person LOL.

  5. The new seat is awesome-really looks sharp!

  6. Very nice job on the seat...Those peeps know their business! Glad to hear Sadie is adjusting to her walking....My daughter's rescue Pit Bull/ Dalmation really is a strong puller..I'll have to suggest the Gentle Leader...

  7. Donna, When I returned to riding several years ago I got the Ride Like A Pro video. It is amazing isn't it ! I'd give anything to be able to take their course though.


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