The end to a perfect day...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well, almost a perfect started out with that big dog growling up in the sky. I still can't see him but I don't let him bother me anymore. Then the rain came...again!

Mommy and daddy loaded me up in the big white truck and we went riding. I don't know why I never noticed how much I could see out the windows. I watched and saw SO MANY things that I never saw before. I like riding!

I took a nap while they went to the movies (yup, popcorn smell) and then they took me to the pet place. What fun I had...until daddy took me to the back to get my nails clipped. It's not so much the clipping, it's the growling machine that I don't like. I let them know I didn't like it and they stopped. [snicker]

They went and bought groceries and then we stopped at the bright red and yellow store. Mommy went inside and came out with coffee and ICE CREAM. Daddy started the truck up and I thought I wasn't going to get any.

SURPRISE! We went to the dog park and I got my ice cream before we left the truck. YUM! We went to the big dog pen and met Max, an 8 month old Germy Shepherd and Hiker, a much older Black Lab. Hiker didn't want to play but boy, Max sure did. We ran and ran and ran, we chased a least that's what Max's mommy called it.

I loved chasing it and even though Max was much bigger, I beat him to it almost every time. Wish I knew what to do with it then....maybe daddy will get me my own frizzee and teach me.

When we got home mommy gave me a bath cause I was dirty, sandy and had Max and Hiker spit all over me. [snicker] Mommy bought me a new bed for my crate and I really like it. It's fuzzy and soft....

So here is my end to the almost perfect day...

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Sadie this world needs more mommy's and daddy's like yours! Good job all the way around.

  2. Oh fun times! I sure like your new bed! Love, Billy

  3. That bed looks really comfy but we like Mom and Dad's bed better. Us old dogs only like to play once in awhile when we have the energy but we're sure glad you had Max to play with. Tell your Mom and Dad that today is the day to get a frizzee thingie.

    Scooter and Skittlez


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