Quiet couple of days.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

You've already noticed that the latest blogs have all been generic stuff...not much about us. There's a reason for that...not much to report. LOL!

On Tuesday Stu headed out in the truck to Virginia where we had stored the BRAT Rack at friends. We will need the rack to carry our motorcycle cargo trailer that we are picking up in Louisiana in a couple of weeks.

He thought he'd be back today but decided to stay an extra day to visit family in Maryland. He should be home tomorrow night.

Me, I've just been doing the usual household chores, catching up on reading, running errands on the motorcycle and working on convincing Miss Sadie that Stu isn't the only alpha dog in the house...and she is NOT the other one. LOL!

We had some weather move in last night around 3 am, again around 8-9 am and the final round around 5 pm. Mostly heavy rain, some wind (lots of leaves on the ground) and this afternoon a little hail. Believe me, nothing serious compared to those in the Midwest...my heart goes out to them!

If you look REALLY hard, you can see a rainbow in this shot....

The biggest news seems to be the Blogger issues....several folks have said they can post comments if they are in a pop-up and not embedded in the blog. I just changed all my blogs to use the pop-up (which I detest but who am I to say...LOL!). Hopefully folks can now comment...at least the ones that couldn't before.

I can post using the Blogger in Draft as well using email (a good backup to have set up). Can't comment, it wants me to login, I do and I get the login page back. Same things happen if I go to Blogger.com. Sigh...

June 3rd we head to Fontana Village in NC for 5 days. While there we will use our seasons passes for my first visit to Dollywood, do some riding in the Smokies and maybe even get in our first whitewater rafting trip. Time will tell...lots to see and do in five short days.

On June 8th we load up the motorcycles, pick up Sadie from doggy camp and we head to Covington, LA to meet up with 50-60 or our closest motorcycle friends (including two couples from Australia). Should be a blast!

We plan to camp while there and we'll also be picking up our new motorcycle pull-behind trailer, BRAT II. If Sadie does with with our host's dog, we'll take one day before coming home and ride in to New Orleans. Then we'll camp on the way back home....sort of a shake-down trip for New England travel this July.
Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I haven't been having any problems with commenting.

  2. ah, Donna, good to see you are doing OK, and thanks for the information about the commenting thing. Been working on it and yay...here is a comment!!

  3. I can ONLY comment on the pop outs! Have fun!

  4. I have been having a problem commenting..but since you changed it, I think this one will make it to you...We shall see..
    Lots of stormy weather here, but nothing like Joplin..It sure puts the "tornado warning" thing in a different perspective though..

  5. Sounds like you are having fun in my hometown. We will be visiting there in the fall. Gail


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