Dark, dreary, drizzly continues....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well, it's been six days now. Today was cabin fever day and we finally loaded ourselves into the truck and headed to town. That helped....
  • Stopped at lumber yard so Stu could get a materials quote for our shed, 
  • Dropped off our mail
  • Had lunch at a new spot, the West End Cafe (very good, will go back)
  • Went to the property to do some measuring and let Sadie get her Keta fix
  • Stopped into a little discount store where we picked up a few things including a little china creamer ($1) for my collection
Four hours away from the rig was good! But it did get me thinking about what I miss about having a house...multiple rooms. Sure, you can go up to the bedroom and lay on the bed and read or watch TV but that's really it. In a house you have more options to roam and sometimes I think just the moving from room to room, fiddling and fixing things as you see them, helps.

I also miss having a separate office. A place for the computer that allows me to get away from the computer (yeah, I'm addicted...LOL!). A place where I can clutter a little until I feel like dealing with the filing and other paperwork.

Normally the RV doesn't feel restrictive...you just walk outside and you've expanded your walls immensely. But when it's in the 50's and rainy, not gonna happen. When it's that cold and dreary for days on end...we'd normally move but we are busy here working on prepping our property. Sigh...at least it's supposed to be warmer starting tomorrow although the clouds are still in the forecast.

So, what do YOU miss most about having a house...I know many will say nothing, but after almost 4 years on the road I know there are a few things I miss and space is one of them. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I hear you on the rain. We had two gorgeous days up on the Mogollon Rim, but today has been mostly an indoor day, with gray skies, cold winds, and at-times hard rain.

  2. At home there is all my little "crafty" things i can find to do, move from room to room like u said and clean or move things around, pick up, put down, in the RV there is only SO much u can do!

  3. We are only wintertimers and still own a house. After 4 months of the RV I am ready to get home and move around. Yes, we go outside and such while RVing but something about being in a house, moving from room to room,cleaning, picking up or just a change of a room can affect my mood. At home I have my sewing room I can escape to. In the RV I set up my machine and the other goodies only to have to put it all away to cook a meal and then bring it all back out. Sheesh!
    Don't get me wrong, I do like the RVing we do all winter, but I sure appreciate my house when I get back!

  4. Interesting, something else to contemplate before selling the stixs n'brix.

    Moving from room to room I can understand, but that also comes with other "things", like more to clean and maintain!

  5. Our "his" and "her" bathrooms...mine with the BIG shower and Marsha sure misses her bath tub....LOL. But I can remember spending a lot of time cleaning them too!

    Also, miss being able to go to a different part of the house to do something while your spouse is sleeping. Now you must be careful and let one get their beauty sleep!


  6. Since we decided to "part-time" we bought a small cottage style house....I really appreciate the yard and being able to grow a few flowers. I also like the separate rooms so I can move about. I now have the "office" room and love it. I can, as you put it, leave my stuff on the desk until I'm ready to file or throw away. I like my kitchen as well.
    When we get the urge we will just take off and explore in our smaller motorhome. Can't wait to get that going!!

  7. Although I loved the RV and the travel, I'm glad to have a house again.

  8. If we were full time..I would probably miss room for the grandkids and kids all to come home to...AND..I'd miss my chandeliers...They wouldn't travel well!!!

  9. We do not miss much, but I would say big showers and having constant high speed internet.

    We will return to a house (sometime) not because of tiring of the RV but to be able to spend longer periods with our grand kids.

  10. Isn't it funny how different it feels if we DECIDE to stay inside some day and sew/read/putter, vs. being FORCED to stay in because of rainy/windy weather? I hate being forced into anything anymore...

    I do miss being able to putter around in the yard sometimes, but get my "fix" by carrying around my pots of flowers to put outside wherever we are. Very easy to replace what's in them when they start looking ratty or I just want a change. It's also fun for me to help in the kids' yards when we go visit.

    At this point, there's not really anything I can come up with that I miss about not having a house. On the other hand, I sure DON'T mind not having to worry about a house when we travel, and not feeling we can only be gone a certain length of time.

    Of course, that could, and probably will, all change down the road, but for now -- it's ALL good!


  11. I miss my gardens. You can have potted plants, but it just isn't the same.

  12. I can sympathize about the weather Donna. When Connie and I first started this RV thing, we had 19 straight days of rain. Guess it was an omen!

    Just saying. Hugs to you guys.

  13. Miss: My vegetable garden. A bigger kitchen with more counter space and fun appliances. A dining table large enough to serve ten. Room to roam when the weather is bad. An entry or mud room to hang up wet raincoats and remove muddy shoes.

    Don't Miss: Time spent cleaning. Washing the kitchen floor. All the doors to be locked at night. A garage full of crap I am holding on to for "someday" or because the item was expensive 10 years ago. MAINTENANCE!

    I'm just like you. In good weather, the MH and fulltiming is perfect for me. In bad weather (rain), I get antsy FAST. Two days of rain is one day too many.

  14. I can't wait to be full-timing long enough that I miss a house. I've been on the road ofr almost a year, in the past, and never missed stix and brix living at all.

    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  15. Cable internet. Always on; always fast.

    Sound barriers. Always having to be aware of the noise we make and how it affects the other. Complicated by the fact that we don't sleep the same hours.

    Linda Sand

  16. I enjoy my motorhome and don't miss my house when traveling and camping. However, I have always been happy to get back home. No intention of selling my townhouse and plan to extend my travels to further distances.

  17. I don't miss a thing looking at our 5th year on the road!!!!! If the weather is inclement and I get cabin fever, I drive to a library, coffee shop or corner grocery or convenience store to change what I'm looking at...it helps.

  18. Bobbie, I think you hit on something. My major means of transportation is my motorcycle. Not going to take that out in bad weather. The other is the Freightliner...I've yet to drive that and at 9 pmg, we avoid unnecessary travel in it. LOL!

  19. I don't miss my house in Tennessee at all...because it was rainy, dreary and drizzly there. I much prefer blue skies and sunshine in Florida.

    Hope your weather improves soon.

  20. We've been fulltiming for 7 years and usually I don't miss a home at all.... as a matter of fact I am sure we'll be doing this for quite a few more years. BUT if I had to choose something it would be a HUGE country kitchen. I love to cook and even though I do a good job in here there isn't much room! LOL I carry my herb garden with me! lol
    Have fun & travel safe

  21. Since i have my washer/dryer now i can't really say i miss anything about a stix/brick home. I really enjoy traveling and since i was bedridden over 10 years in a stix/brick home i was already used to being stuck in the same room 24/7.

    Donna you need to set up a temp office in your garage. We have friends who travel in a toy hauler and once they remove their riding toys they set up a temp office and sewing room and when their grand kids are with them it's a play room. I do know what you mean about being tired of the cold and rain .. we've had it too here in Illinois


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