Day Two of riding to Rochester, NY

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All in all, not a bad day. We slept in (that means any time after 7 am), had a good 'free' breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express (scrambled eggs, paper thin crisp bacon, bagels, yogurt, pastries, muffins and more were available) and managed to get on the road by 9:30. All our gear was dry, thanks to our spreading it all over the hotel room and in front of the heater.

It was chilly and cloudy as we headed out. We donned our heated gear only to discover that Stu forgot his jacket liner and I forgot my adapter....on my Nightster when I traded it in. LOL! Multi-layered, we took off. The temps seemed to drop for the first couple of hours. I saw one bank sign with 47 showing as the current temp....brrrrrr.

The rain held off until sometime between 11-12 when we stopped at a Bob Evans for a snack and hot coffee. I remembered that I had the direct-connect battery cable for my gear so Stu took the time to put it on my bike.

Thank you, Stu....unfortunately, it didn't work. We're still not sure why, he's done some troubleshooting and will check it again in the morning. We waited out the heaviest rain and then got back on the road with full bellies and warm bodies.

We hit a few more spits of rain but not enough to slow us down. Getting on the Interstate system meant making good also meant it felt a lot cooler, no COLDER because we were traveling faster. Several stops to warm up with a final dinner stop about an hour south of Cleveland where we are spending the night.

We made 330 miles today...even enjoyed some sun late in the day. The highlight of the day was seeing flags displayed along the entire length of the fencing on an overpass above I-71.

We hope to get an early start tomorrow, pushing through the final leg of our trip, 280 miles. While cool to start, it should warm up more than today....we look forward to that.

For those that asked why we didn't take the gets 9 mpg/diesel. The bikes get 40-50 mpg/gas. Also, originally it was just me was a last minute change for Stu to join me (a welcome change). Yes, we may be dumb but as one commenter said, any day on a bike is a good day (just some are 'gooder' than others....LOL!).

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Travel safely you two. Hope to see you on the rode one of these days soon.

  2. Glad you had a better day and didn't suffer hypothermia. Be careful and travel safely!

  3. I'd take a "road trip" on bikes ANYDAY over a trip in a vehicle, wet, cold, hot, nothing like a bike road trip, even under your unfortunate circumstances.

    The road trip keeps the mind occupied and fantastic memories!

    Continued safe travels on the road.

  4. Bless your hearts! We just aren't "hardy" bikers anymore -- being wet and cold does not make me a pleasant person...

    Be careful, and hopefully the sun will come out for you today!


  5. Sure can understand your decision. That is some cost savings.

  6. You are both brave... I couldn't do that but my hats off to you both!!!
    Stay safe, keep warm & have fun ♥

  7. It certainly makes more sense to take the bikes, as long as you have them handy...You're almost there...Hope you get some sunshine tomorrow!!


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