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Sunday, May 15, 2011

As noted we have a natural affiliation with Jamestown....having owned motorcycles purchased from both the Jamestown NY and Jamestown ND Harley dealers as well as owning land in Jamestown TN. When we stopped in the Jamestown NY dealer, the gal there told us there was another Jamestown Harley dealer in California.

So just for fun, here is a list of all the states with a Jamestown....
* Jamestown, California
* Jamestown, Colorado
* Jamestown, Boone County, Indiana
* Jamestown, Elkhart County, Indiana
* Jamestown, Kansas
* Jamestown, Kentucky
* Jamestown, Louisiana
* Jamestown, Missouri
* Jamestown, New York, the largest American city bearing the name
* Jamestown, North Carolina
* Jamestown, North Dakota, the second largest city bearing the name
* Jamestown, Ohio
* Jamestown, Oklahoma
* Jamestown, Pennsylvania
* Jamestown, Rhode Island
* Jamestown, South Carolina
* Jamestown, Tennessee
* Jamestown, Virginia
* Jamestown, West Virginia
* Jamestown, Wisconsin
* James Town, Wyoming

Kind of interesting! Jamestown NY is the home of Lucille Ball and currently the celebration of what would have been her 100th birthday. It was noted everywhere, including the lobby doors of our hotel.

Here is a photo of the Harley dealer in Jamestown....

And just for fun, here is a shot of what was parked outside our hotel...

This weekend we continue to tackle the daily mundane chores that plague all of us, no matter how or where we live. LOL! Yup, always cleaning - laundry - maintenance - filing - etc that needs to be done.

Oh....Stu's question of the day. What do you call your RV? Without thinking the other day, I said I was ready to head to the house. Do you ever call your rig that? So many terms...RV, rig, coach, motorhome, motorcoach, trailer, fiver, camper...hmmm....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. First, thanks for selecting Buddy as Friday's featured pet.

    The name of our 2007 Tiffin Phaeton is Phaez2 (second phase of RVing - fulltiming). We use the term motorhome to describe our RV, but usually it's more like "let's go home" because it is our only home.

  2. Donna, I lived about a mile away from that Harley dealer in Jamestown California, for about 4 years. Every year they had the Muscular Dystrophy run, with bikers from all over California. For more then two hours on that Saturday morning I couldn't get out of the mobile home park onto Highway 108. The roar was deafening. You would have loved it. Highway 49 which goes through that area is a bikers dream road. Hope you get to try it someday. Only in early spring, however, since it can be 114 for days on end in the summer! I am soooo glad to be back in Oregon.

  3. HOME SWEET HOME ON WHEELS "When you're a thousand miles from no where, it's nice to know you're only a step away from Home."

    It's home to me. :)

  4. It's now home to us too -- we refer to it as "The Motorhome," but it's home to us!

  5. Regarding the name for our rv-we're in transition. Since we had the motorhomes for years and in February traded and bought the 5th wheel we're trying to get away from "the coach", "the motorhome", and "the rig", and get used to referring to it as "the 5er" or "the Castle". Ah, such a quandry! :-)

  6. We always call the trailer "our house" or we will say "time to go home" after a day touring somewhere. Our kids still don't get that concept. While visiting the kids in CA. a couple of weeks ago, they did not understand why we wanted to stay in our house when they had real beds in theirs. They are suppose to be the smart ones....lol

  7. When we first bought this bigger RV I referred to it as the behemoth. Now it's mostly the rig when talking about it or home when going to it. But, officially its the Sandcastle.

  8. I guess we go between "motorhome" and "rig."

  9. I know it sounds way too sweet, but we call it home now. It used to be fiver, but gradually just became home.. Stay safe.

  10. When we are out shopping and buying we will say where to now, home or someplace else? Then we may go into a short chant of 'to the bus to the bus to the bus bus bus'.

  11. I had no idea Jamestown, ND was the 2nd largest Jamestown! I grew up in Velva, ND and went to college at NDSU in Fargo, ND so there were may trips through Jamestown in my past. It was a good midway stop for a potty break and snack... Usually at the truck stop at the HWY 52 exit off I-94. Did you take pics of the giant buffualo when you were there?

    Oh, and we call the 5er home when we're not at the house in Austin and Fuzion when we're in Austin.

  12. Did you know that Dan and Patty Chance, http://travelbychance.blogspot.com, were the owners of the Jamestown, CA, Harley dealers for 8 years? They are in our FMCA Golden Spike Chapter and also regulars at Nick's Rally. Nick listed their blog as one of the 15 must read blogs. Hope to see you guys next year, or maybe sooner as we are heading east the first of June.

  13. That is a lot of Jamestowns. We will never get to all them, but will have to definitely hit the NY one this summer. We love Lucy!

  14. For now we call our trailer a camper...however after only a month into our 4 1/2 month trip we are already considering full timing and if we do our trailer / rig / camper will be called "home".

  15. While we are not full-timers, we'll say we are going back "home", or to the "rig" or to the "motorhome". Describing it to others, however, we call it our "Rolling Condo". I'm surprised few people have given it a first name like many have done for their toads or GPS. (BTW, our GPS is "Claudia" -- there is a story there, but not sharing here. You'll have to ask.)


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