Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last night mommy gave me a bath. Today daddy gave me my monthly stuff to keep the fleas, ticks and heartworms away (these are all really gross things....ewwwwwww). While checking me over he found THREE little ticks....gross, really gross!!! Sure am glad my mommy and daddy take such good care of me.

The big dog in the sky did more growling this morning but I ignored him. But it's wet outside again. I much prefer the sun!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Hey Sadie:
    You really are a lucky girl to have such dedicated parents! Ticks are nasty critters. Taking care of this yucky stuff isn't always fun, but you are a much healthier lady because of it!

    Check out this link: www.Flushpuppies.com Your Mommy may want to check it out & post about it. I read about them and think they are cool, probably not so much for a motorhome but for a stick built it would be a nifty item.


  2. Mom always puts that stuff on us on the 1st day of every month. We've been lucky so far - no ticks or other icky things. We also get our heartworm pills and boy do we like those. Just like a treat. Isn't it nice to be loved.

    Skittlez and Scooter

  3. You sure are lucky to be taken so well care of! Me too! Love Billy

  4. Sorry you had ticks. We get that monthly stuff to on the back of our necks. Don't know about any pills. We just get peanut butter and occasionally cheese when Katy won't take the peanut butter. Do you think they make peanut butter pills?


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