Firefox and Blogger Commenting

Friday, May 27, 2011

Okay...tried ONE MORE thing today....LOL! If you are using Firefox and can't comment on a blog, try installing the IE Tab add-on. Then when you read a blog you want to comment on try these steps:
  1. Right-click the tab for the blog you are reading and chose Switch Rendering Engine
  2. The blog will reload as though it were being read in IE. 
  3. Enter your comment.
  4. Select any type of comment profile post except Google. I used Name/URL.
  5. Click PREVIEW (this is necessary if there is word captcha on the comment page).
  6. Click POST COMMENT.
Hope this helps us all comment on our favorite blogs. That said, someone said to try Chrome. I did. It works. But I still prefer's set up for me and I know my way around. LOL!

Here are some recommendations from Google on getting to your dashboard page if you are still having problems.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser, if not, upgraded it.
  • Make sure you REALLY have cleared both your COOKIES and CACHE
  • Once Cleared shut down the browser
  • Then Open it again and CHeck that the Cookies and Cache are indeed Empty. This is very important. The problem seems to be with corrupt cookies and cache files
  • If that is OK try going to . Don't login yet, press CTRL-F5 and then try logging in again
  • If that still does not work try logging into Gmail first and then go to and try again
  • If that does not work try going to this address
  • If that does not work try going to
  • If all those fail, try installing another browser to see if that works eg Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc

Funny thing, I just tested this process from Firefox and it, too, worked!
  1. Right-click the tab for the just opened and chose Switch Rendering Engine
  2. The blog will reload as though it were being read in IE.
  3. Enter your login information and you should be good to go!
Here's hoping they get this fixed but for now, the IE Tab add-on seems to be a good workaround. If you want to bypass these steps once you know it works, you can go to TOOLS/ADD-ONS/IE TAB and enter the URL for Blogger. It will then always open with the fake IE view. I decided to do just that and also added http://* so that all my friends blogs will open and I can comment.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I have had no problem,but I use Chrome. It took getting used to and now I prefer it over Firefox. This is from my Droid..hope it works.

  2. I'm using Firefox and everything seems to be working just fine for me. But since I am not a techie person, maybe something is already set on mine. I sure wouldn't know.

  3. I also suggested Chrome, and like Karen said above, I used to use firefox and swore by it, but little by little I began to use Chrome and liked its minimalist approach to the clean screen showing only the web page. Now I very seldom use firefox for anything unless Chrome has a problem. IE is a distant third. Can't remember when I had it loaded last......only as a test to see how it displayed something. Happy commenting...LOL

  4. Good to know I am NOT the only one having issues! And I thought it was because of my ineptitude.

  5. Donna, Following your instructions I installed IE9 (I had IE8)and did the deleting cookies etc again.

    So now I can sign into my Blog and everything seems ok except for my 'Followers' have disappeared ???

  6. Just checking if posting works from Safari on a Mac...

  7. So far today, it seems to be working okay. I did download the latest version of Firefox, but in fact I like my older version better:(

  8. Aw yes....when will they ever learn..."If it ain't broke...don't fix it". In an effort to bring us all bigger and better, they have once again rendered the system almost useless. Sure hope they get all this figured out soon!

  9. Donna, Thanks for your help on facebook. I went in to blogger this morning and they know they are having more problems and are working on them. So, until they get their end figured out I am not sure anything we change will work.

  10. Just trying to post a comment onto your Blog from my Windows 7 machine. I was unable to with Windows XP. Your add-on tip worked on the XP machine. It would be nice if they would fix it.

  11. I'm trying something else: posting via the Feedler app on my iPad. I haven't tried anything on my Mac yet, but if the problems in Firefox persist, I'll switch back to Safari!


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