Mommy and daddy need to buy a REAL sofa....

Monday, May 30, 2011

...or else they need to lose some weight to make more room for ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost up....


Now if mommy would just not come sit down....[snicker]

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. You kind of outgrew being a lap dog, didn't you. I love curling up in Dad's lap and I fit just right.


  2. Sadie, the trick is to claim the sofa for your own. We managed to drive Mom off, and she got a chair of her own. Dad gets to sit on the sofa, but underneath both of us.
    Don't ever think that your size prevents you being a lap dog. Zeus is around 100lb and still manages it.

    Siggy and Zeus.

  3. I think you are just bigger than you think you are! hehe Love Billy

  4. Dad says humans first then dogs. We can't believe he thinks we should come in second for space.


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