Another dreary day....

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been cloudy and drizzly since Friday with temps hovering in the 50's for highs. Sadie is tired of it and so are we....LOL! It looks like we have one more day of this and then the sun will appear (at least part time) on Wednesday and by Saturday we'll be back into the low to mid 80's. Not least we are in the middle of wildfires or flooding!

Things are moving slowly on the property...just updated the Fire Lily Base Camp blog.

Forgot to mention in the previous blogs about the cute little town names we passed through, as well as cute little towns. We were really impressed with Geneseo, NY, Franklin, PA and Columbiana, OH. Pretty towns with active, thriving downtown areas that incorporated the historic look with viable stores and shops of today.

As to interesting town names...we were thrilled to be in Bliss [NY], played in Arcade [NY], wondered what Sadie would have thought about Barkeyville [PA], felt slick as we rode through Oil City [PA], thought we might be in the movies as we passed through Pleasantville, [PA], dodged Torpedo [PA], held our chests high in Busti [NY], wondered if we were really in FL as we passed Silver Springs and Gainesville [NY], tried not to feel Funk [OH], wondered if we were wearing the right color in Olive Green [OH].

We also saw signs for the Orient [PA] and Route 666 [OH], Cranberry [PA], Sadieville [KY], Yosemite [KY] and Wyoming [NY]. Hope you'll stop in and read my other blog, What State are YOU in?

We've extended our stay for another month here at Maple Hill RV Campground. We plan to attend some local cruise-in nights (bikes and cars) both locally and an hour or so away. We still haven't made firm plans to visit Dollywood, but plan to visit at least two days in the next month. 

We're three weeks from heading Louisiana to meet up with 50-60 of our motorcycling friends for a long weekend. Hope to do a little more of New Orleans but that depends on how well Sadie gets along with our host's dog. We'll be camping (yes, tent and air mattress) in their yard along with several others. Should be interesting...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Frost warnings here tonight...big whoop!...We finally got sunshine today, I won't complain.
    I love "cruise nights"..We have one here several time throughout the summer...My dream is a vintage 1956 two tone Corvette Convertible, with the big whitewall tires...Hey..I say DREAM BIG!! Hang in there, better weather is coming.

  2. Tent and air mattress? I don't think I could do that anymore! Good luck it that! I'll be anxious to hear how it went :)

  3. Yep, I am ready for sunshine! Do you ever bring your cycles to Nightfall in Chattanooga? It's a neat free outdoor music series that starts this coming weekend, I think. If you find yourself in this direction before July 5th, let me know! I would love to hook up......

  4. Deb, probably not. It's 120 miles each way (2.5 hr ride). We'd have to spend the night and right now our calendar is getting FULL! Thanks for letting us know about it though...

  5. A tent, an air mattress????? That's not camping--that's insanity! :))))

  6. OMG!! Linda grew up in Oil City & Cranberry,PA. We still hang there in the summer. She also lived in Arcade & Bliss,NY & have a niece down the road in Holland, NY. All her old stompin' grounds. Small World. You missed a great eatery below Barkeyville, the Family Tradition Restaurant. Stay dry.


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