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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nothing major going on....we had planned to take a centerline photo today but the weather had other plans for us. So we're spending the day doing chores, getting ready to leave on our road trip to Rochester, NY early Tuesday morning.

Wanted to pass along a great buy to my blogging friends...recently Amazon dropped the price on Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 to $24.99. Needless to say I snagged a copy...there might not be many changes from 2010 but we were still on 2009.

The biggest advantage to the 2010/2011 versions is the ability to easily hide/show groups of POI (points of interests). That combined with the mega-file that you can download, you have an easy way to show locations for places ranging from Wal-Marts, Cabela's, various truck stops, rest areas, COE and much, much, much more. In older versions of S&T you had to download and install umpteen individual files to accomplish this...and you either saw them all (if loaded into one base map) or you had to load them each into individual map files. I love the new version!

We did an update to our Route 66 travel plans as well as prompted everyone about keeping fleas/ticks/heartworms away from your pets. Yup, we found several ticks on Sadie, not unexpected after having her run the property several days in a row.

We got in an amazing ride yesterday....about 135 miles, four hours through Pickett State Park and Daniel Boone National Forest. Up into Kentucky and back around home via mostly back roads with mountains and lots of twisties. All this and very little traffic. Perfect afternoon!

Tomorrow Stu meets with the electric company to see about getting power installed, then he'll need to set up an appointment with an electrician for the post/receptacle. Tomorrow afternoon we'll take Sadie to her doggie camp, Copyright Pet Resort, in Cookeville, I'll try to get a haircut and hopefully we'll squeeze in a movie (probably the new Fast and Furious - Fast Five). Oh yeah, and we need to pack...LOL!

Here's a friend who came to visit yesterday....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. What a great ride you two had....Yes, we had a Lab who brought fleas into our home.ONCE>...It was a nightmare! That's the only drawback of the beautiful woods..fleas and ticks, which could cause lime disease....Good luck with your new property...I'm very jealous!

  2. It's too bad you couldn't get your centerline photo done, but sounds like you had a good day anyway.

  3. Downloaded the Streets and Trips recently at that price. I had recalled that you recommended it, and I needed a tool not dependent to the Internet. Quite satisfactory.


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