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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Here I sit on New Year's Eve, thinking about how quickly the last year has passed. It was a busy year and we kicked it off in January by closing on our new home here in Tennessee.  We quickly moved forward into February and March and a couple of cruises. We managed to squeeze in some improvements to our RV lot in Florida (now FOR SALE - please spread the word) before heading back to our new home in April.

We were only there for a couple of weeks, getting things sorted out and enjoying the spring blooms, when we took the RV and headed north to Maryland so I could get my cataract surgery done. Phew! All went well, here are a few posts I wrote about the experience
In July we traveled back to the house for the rest of the year. We then brought home a new addition! Cooper, an F1b Goldendoodle (Poodle mother and Goldendoodle father). He was 15 weeks old with scruffy coat and a shy personality. He didn't play for the first couple of days even though he was eating well.

August brought a little of this and a little of that. September rolled in and celebrated my 70th birthday. What a milestone! Near the end of the month, Stu headed off to Maryland for several firefighter events with his former coworkers plus a good visit with family.

That was when I went off my rocker and brought home Murphy as a playmate for Cooper. He was 12 weeks old and officially a Cadoodle (Rough Collie mom and Goldendoodle dad). It we thought Cooper's coat was a mess when we got it, Murphy had him beat by a mile. They hit it off immediately and have been best buds ever since.

Once Stu arrived home in October, things got a bit hectic. First he had to meet the pups, then met new friends who wanted to look at our property for sale. We did some local sightseeing with them and before they left, we closed the deal. We can't wait till they are here more of the year!

November was here before we knew it and with the sale of our Jamestown property, we made the decision to also put our RV lot in Florida up for sale. With only a few snowbirding years ahead of us, it makes sense and will allow us to travel to other areas for the next few winters. We also had friends come to visit and spend the night, that meant more sightseeing.

We both also decided to get wedding ring tattoos. I opted for a double heart that I had originally thought to get done on the inside of my wrist. Stu went with a more traditional Celtic open weave knotwork ring, similar to our gold bands. This was his first ever tattoo!

We took a weekend trip to see our friends, Earl & Pauline, and spent the day at Dollywood, their first visit. We had a blast and the weather actually warmed up nicely. Thanksgiving was spent quietly at home with a nice turkey breast cooked in our Instant pot we got a year ago.

Thanksgiving rolled into Christmas quickly and we did a little decorating, made a fun trip to Dollywood again, and, oh yeah, bought Jeremiah the Jeep (aka J.J.). Christmas was also spent quietly, getting to Facetime Chat with all our kids but my youngest daughter as well as some of the grandkids.

And now here we are at the cusp of a new year. So what do we have planned in 2018? Just a few things....
  • Closing on our property in Jamestown
  • Two weeks of cruising the end of January, doing a back-to-back (b2b) on the Carnival Miracle
  • Getting set up with some local doctors/dentist as we slowly transition our care to this area
  • Starting work on Stu's pole barn
  • Continuing to work on little things around the house
  • Hopefully getting the flooring replaced in the RV and some other cleanup done
  • First ever Highland Games in Maryville, TN in May
  • Disney in October with our youngest granddaughter
  • Wedding of one of our granddaughters
  • Christmas? Not sure where, but hope to be further south, maybe not central FL though
So yes, another busy year. I only have one book planned, which I truly hope to get published in late February. Will be tight, but my fingers are crossed! Then I plan to spend at least a few months READING!

Ciao for now!


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