Ten things I'm enjoying in the new house

Sunday, January 29, 2017

As we work towards heading back to Florida and our RV, I thought about our time here in the new house. Obviously, a lot of time has been spent getting the house set up. Now that all but decorating is done, here is a little list of what I'm REALLY enjoying.

1) Lots of comfortable living room furniture
2) My office - great desk, super comfortable chair and my elliptical
3) Using ceramic/glass dishes & glasses rather than paper and plastic everything
4) Knives that are sharp (another reminder to get the set in the RV sharpened)
5) King size bed!!!
6) A bathroom bigger than a small closet
7) A shower with lots of room
8) Hearing my wind chimes and not worrying about annoying the neighbors
9) Full size appliances!
10) And finally, a hubby who is handy and fixing anything that needs fixing. Thank you, Stu, for all you do.

Ciao for now!


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