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Saturday, February 11, 2017

After getting our  new HVAC unit installed, we quickly prepared the house for our absence. We love our new SimpliSafe Wireless security system with camera and wireless thermostat from Carrier.

Using our phone apps we can view the camera....

See the current setting of our alarm system, as well as arm/disarm the system. Plus we can see the current temperature in the under sink kitchen cabinet where we have a freeze protection sensor...

Check and adjust the thermostat settings....

With the trailer loaded with a few things, we headed off, stopping at the transfer station to leave our trash. As we pulled out, I remembered that I had forgotten the briefcase in the office with our closing documents.....AND all our interim mail with a bunch of tax statements.....AND our checkbook. Good thing we were less than three miles away.

That remedied, we headed south. At our first stop for lunch, Stu realized he had left his keys to the RV as well as my backup set of keys for the cargo trailer, back in the house. Oh well, we had extras and I still had my set to get us in. Midday I realized that I had left some cooked chicken in the refrigerator. I thought I had done so well! I had pulled out everything else but I just couldn't remember seeing the chicken, but I knew it was there. Too late to return, we'd have to mail a key to a friend and ask them to go toss it. Ahhh, memory - it's a wonderful thing, until you lose it.

We finally made it back to Florida around one-ish on Thursday and imagine our joy when everything was fine, inside and out, the rig. Phew! And, thanks to the candles I got at Tractor Supply (vanilla), it smelled good inside as well.

We dropped the trailer, unloaded our suitcases and headed out for some lunch before picking up Stu's trike that we had left at Stormy Hill HD for service. It went in for the 10k service and a couple of warranty items. It was a good thing we planned to be gone three weeks (even though it ended up at five weeks) because they ended up with a major warranty item. All is good now and Stu is happy to be out and riding in the gorgeous 70 degree temperatures.

Me? Well, the last day of travel found me in pain behind my right shoulder blade. Not a single spot, but a long vertical line of pain. No matter how I moved, I winced. While Stu went to his retiree (firefighters) reunion, I stayed at home₂ due to still not feeling well. Two days later,  he had a blast (no photos) and I am finally feeling better.

Oh, I think I forgot to share these photos earlier - our living room with the new picture, our office and a rainy day.

Ciao for now!


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