Meet Murphy! (Yes, I'm crazy....)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cooper now has a little brother, Murphy. Note the flipped ear...just like Cooper except the opposite ear. LOL! Murphy is a Rough Collie/Goldendoodle mix. Here are pics of his mom (Collie) and dad (Goldendoodle).

Cooper is loving having a playmate, even if he has 1) way more energy at almost 6 months old than Murphy who is only 12 weeks old and 2) if he overpowers Murphy. Murphy is pretty good at taking it, will be fun to watch him grow.

So what do you call a Collie/Doodle mix? I'm going with's easy to say. LOL! Here are a few more pics from last night and this morning (which we will discuss below).

You can see a lot more on SmugMug, including a couple of videos of them playing. THIS ONE was taken the afternoon Murphy came home.

Murphy slept in Cooper's crate last night and Cooper slept in the bedroom like me. Cooper was an angel, never a peep. Murphy? Not so much....he barked, whined, fussed a lot but we both managed a couple hours of sleep. Finally at 5:30, he got much more insistent so I got up.

Oh my! He had pooped just at the edge of the crate, mostly out, some in. Cleaned that up, took them outdoors for a while. They came in and played and I put him in the guest bathroom with food and water while Cooper ate in the kitchen.

Within 10-15 minutes, he had managed to poop all over the bathroom, dump his water and food AND shred the roll of toilet paper into the middle of the mess. I put him into the bathtub, turned on the water, cleaned him up and then tackled the floor. So glad we have dozens of bar towels - perfect for puppy messes. LOL!

He has no collar or leash training but he does willingly follow me or Cooper - in and out of the house. In fact, it was Cooper who got him to go up and down the deck stairs. He mastered that quickly. I am happy for the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Not to keep them from going down, but to keep them in the yard for a bit. They play, tire out and then I let them in. Murphy likes to curl up into semi-protected spots, like under a dining room chair.

Today he is playing with toys, well, as much as Cooper will let him. No issues with resource guarding, just "stealing" anything Murphy is playing with. Murphy lets him without any issues.

Feeding is the hardest since we have to transition Murphy from his old puppy food to what we are feeding Cooper. Right now I am feeding a bit of both mixed, away from Cooper, who always wants what Murphy has. So I have to stand there while they eat. Murphy seems to be a gorge eater while Cooper does well as a free-feeder. So we will be modifying their eating until we see if Murphy can do free feeding.

So, I leave you with this photo...I had put Murphy in the chair for a break from Cooper. It gives you a better sense of the size difference.

I think it's time for a nap.....zzzzzzzzz

Ciao for now!


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