Busy weekend....

Monday, November 20, 2017

Early Friday morning, we loaded up the 2doods and headed to neighboring Cookeville. First chore, dropping the pups offatr doggy daycare. Stu had a 10am appointment to get his FIRST tattoo, a Celtic wedding band on his wedding ring finger. If you remember, I did mine, double hearts, a while back.

We are both really pleased with the results...and he is no longer a tattoo virgin. In fact, he is now considering a special one honoring his family history. Time will tell... Here are a few photos.

We ran errands, saw a movie [Daddy's Home 2], did a little shopping. At Sam's Club, I had to get some teddy bear love....LOL! When done, it was time to pick up the pups and head home.

At Cracker Barrel, I enjoyed the Christmas display but not as much as the GIANT Twizzlers!

An early bedtime for us all since we had to get up even earlier on Saturday. We were boarding the pups for the weekend (their first time away from home - sniff) while we headed over to see our friends Pauline & Earl. Once at their home, we drove over to Dollywood for the afternoon and evening.

They had never been and have only been living in TN for a year now. The crowds weren't bad, the weather, while windy, turned almost balmy by evening. We browsed shops, bought a couple of things, took a ride on the coal train, saw a show, watched some craftsmen at work, counted eagles in the sanctuary, looked at the beautiful light displays, walked thousands of steps and enjoyed a chatting over dinner.

We offered to take a photo of some folks attempting a selfie, and in turn, they took our photo.

We got home around 10:30, after driving through a downpour. We sat up and chatted while we enjoyed some wine, beer & frozen slushie drinks. Needless to say - we all slept well!

Sunday we all relaxed and finally, around 2pm, we headed home. It was strange to not have to worry about the pups since we weren't picking them up until Monday morning. We took advantage of that and did a major grocery shopping before we went home.

Monday was another hectic day. We picked the pups up from their boarding facility and headed back to Cookeville where they went in for a day of doggy play, topped off with baths & grooming. We ran a couple of errands including getting watch batteries replaced for me (and buying a toaster oven for Stu at JC Penney on sale - $60 toaster over for $20), stopping Verizon to get a charge removed from our bill and I even got a flu shot!

The movie today was Thor: Ragnarok. It was "okay" but not as good as the first or even the second one. That said, two new characters were introduced that we hope to see in the next movie, Valkyrie & Korg. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll leave it at that.

Now we are home, pups are sleeping blissfully (they smell so good and their fur is so soft), Stu is napping while thinking he is watching TV and I'm, well, I'm blogging.

Ciao for now!


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